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A stalled medical marijuana bill could soon pass the Pennsylvania House

03.14.16 | Bob Price

Lawmakers are poised to act this week on Senate Bill 3 that would pave the way for Cannabis legalization in the Keystone State. About 20 states, including New York have medical marijuana laws. Opponents argue the "science" behind medical...

Pennsylvania House Republicans are calling on Governor Wolf to release education funds in order to prevent the closure of public schools

03.14.16 | Bob Price

Dr. Ralph Kerr with the Teaching and Learning Institute says the threat of school closures might incentivize some deal-making.Governor Wolf has called for historic tax increases to pay for his budget proposal.Some schools say barring a deal, they...

DiGiorno Pizzas and Stouffer's Lasagna recalled

03.11.16 | Sarah Harnisch

Nestle is recalling some of its frozen food products because of concerns they might contain glass pieces.  The company, which makes DiGiorno Pizza, Lean Cuisine, and Stouffer's--sold in New York and Pennsylvania--says they believe the glass...

Pennsylvania's Auditor General is urging the General Assembly to pass medical marijuana legislation

03.10.16 |

          Eugene Depasquale says drug reforms are needed to cut down on prison costs. He claims the imprisonment of nonviolent marijuana offenders costs the Commonwealth $2.5 million a...

Five are dead after a shooting spree in a Pittsburgh-area neighborhood

03.10.16 |

Two gunmen ambushed a backyard party in Wilkensburg, PA.  The men opened fire on a crowd of people. Allegheny Police said ballistic evidence on the scene leads investigators to believe that two different weapons were fired from two...