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One of the men involved in the Jerry Sandusky scandal is asking a judge to modify his prison sentence

06.29.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Ex-Penn State athletic director Tim Curley wants a judge to modify his sentence for failing to report now-convicted sexual predator Jerry Sandusky to authorities, saying he has incurable lung cancer and liver damage. Curley wants to serve his...

PA's Senate is advancing legislation that would set ground rules for school districts that allow employees to possess a gun on school grounds

06.29.17 | Terry Diener

Senators approved the bill 28-22 Wednesday after an emotional hour-long debate. The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Don White, says he wants to give school districts as many tools as possible to protect children from would-be killers. Sen. Daylin...

Pennsylvania is considering banning plastic bags

06.28.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Governor Tom Wolf wants to do away with plastic grocery bags to protect the environment. The trouble is there are over 1,500 people across the state that make the bags for a living.The bill has already passed the House and the Senate and is...

PA's governor has signed a law that that makes it a crime to lie about military service to get money

06.28.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

House Bill 168 says a person who financially benefits from lying about military service or decorations can be charged with a third-degree misdemeanor. Those convicted would face up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $2,000. The Stolen Valor...

There's a shortage of lifeguards at swimming pools across PA this summer

06.27.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Last year, Pool Manager Kimberly Whittington had nearly 30 guards at Splash Cove in eastern Pennsylvania.   This year,  only 15. Part of the issue is an expensive certification course to start the job. So far, parks have not had...

Pennsylvania could shave off millions of dollars by trimming prison sentences

06.27.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

With a budget deadline at the end of the week, Pennsylvania lawmakers are getting more creative when it comes to saving on budget spending. A new plan would reduce prison sentences for non-violent offenders by five months.  A bipartisan...

Last year marked the second lowest year on record in PA for hunting related shooting incidents

06.26.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

25 hunting-related shooting incidents were recorded last year across Pennsylvania.  Only 20-15 had a lower number with 23. The Pennsylvania Game Commission also claims 2016 marked the second time on record a year passed without a...

A PA Supreme Court decision last week could add a $100 million challenge to budget negotiations

06.26.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The ruling struck down sections of a 2009 law that gave the Legislature the authority to spend oil and gas royalties on state forests for general budget items not related to conservation. In place of the unconstitutional sections, the court...

PA state police are warning about a rash of 'abduction' style scams happening throughout Tioga County

06.23.17 | Bob Price

Cops have received multiple reports of people getting phone calls from an unknown scammer who claims to have abducted a loved one.  The scammer threatens the loved one with harm unless money is wired. Police say a child can be heard in the...

Gov. Tom Wolf says the health care bill written by Republicans in the U.S. Senate is even more cruel than the House plan

06.23.17 | Sarah Harnisch

He says it carries deeper cuts to Medicaid. Wolf says 700,000 low-income working adults now have health insurance in Pennsylvania because of Obamacare.

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