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PA officials are warning residents to avoid buying flooded vehicles

09.19.17 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman says car buyers need to be alert for flood-damaged vehicles being sold as "undamaged, new, or used vehicles." As many as half a million vehicles were damaged by flooding from Hurricane Harvey in...

School districts across PA will share millions to help students with behavioral problems

09.19.17 | Terry Diener

More than 24,000 Pennsylvania students are currently identified as having behavioral needs, which could lead to chronic absenteeism and inhibit post-graduate or career success. To better help students, school districts across the commonwealth...

Abortion Clinic Closes Down That Was Cited by State for 44 Pages of Health Code Violations

09.18.17 | Bob Price

The infamous Hillcrest abortion clinic is now closed. As LifeNews has repeatedly reported, the troubled Hillcrest abortion facility has run afoul of state healt and safety laws multiple times. Now it has closed down. Hillcrest’s troubles...

State Police Looking for Missing Person from Hazle Township

09.18.17 | Bob Price

State police are looking for a missing man from Hazle Township. Troopers say family members of Charles Zunski, 84, reported that he left his home around noon on Sunday and did not return home. The family said that this behavior is extremely...

Protecting children in the Keystone State

09.15.17 | Bob Price

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale says child abuse is on the rise in Pennsylvania, and case-workers can't keep up with the problem. Last year, nearly 50 children died as a result of domestic abuse in Pennsylvania despite the state spending...

PA politicians can't agree even on what to wear to work

09.15.17 | Terry Diener

Complaints about dress code scofflaws prompted the parliamentarian for the state House of Representatives to issue a memo last week reminding members that men must wear a coat and tie. A Democratic legislator said the memo showed that...

PA House approves a no-new-taxes borrowing package to help plug a $2 billion deficit

09.14.17 | Bob Price

Democratic lawmakers oppose it and so too do Senate Republicans. Governor Wolf warns he'll be unable to pay the bills as soon as tomorrow and may have to impose a spending freeze on Harrisburg.

The number of people without health insurance continues to decline in PA

09.14.17 | Bob Price

New numbers from the Census Bureau puts the uninsured rate at 5.6%. That's 12th lowest in America. The national average is over 8.5%. 700,000 Pennsylvanians lacked health insurance last year, half a million fewer than the previous year.

A gun control group is lobbying against arming PA teachers in the classroom

09.13.17 | Bob Price

The legislation allows school workers with a conceal-carry permit to possess a weapon in the classroom if they meet training requirements and pass a psychological exam.

Fliers promoting white nationalism have been spotted in downtown Sunbury, PA

09.13.17 | Bob Price

Reporter Peggy Lee says the fliers contain content including "diversity means less white people," along with websites for the alt-right movement. Similar fliers were found posted in the city back in December.

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