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500 PA Army National Guard troops will be headed to the Middle East in January

10.26.17 | Bob Price

It's the first time since the Korean War the entire command structure of the Pennsylvania Guard is being deployed. Guardsmen from Pennsylvania have been serving in Iraq and Afghanistan since the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Still more questions than answers as PA rolls the medical marijuana program

10.26.17 | Terry Diener

There are many unsettled questions surrounding the new arena of medical pot in Pennsylvania. What will happen to growers who are not up and running in six months? Will businesses be able to get financial backing from banks? The state Dept. of...

School choice legislation has hit a roadblock in Pennsylvania

10.25.17 | Terry Diener

At the Senate education committee meeting, it appeared a bill that would establish education savings accounts narrowly passed by a 6-5 vote. Afterward, it came to light that a proxy vote by a Republican lawmaker opposing the bill had not been...

A PA state official fatally shot a man in Luzerne County yesterday

10.25.17 | Bob Price

In Plymouth, PA Tuesday, an officer with the Fish and Boat Commission shot and killed 37-year-old Sean Bohinski of Nanticoke after the suspect hit him with a rock and tried to drown him in the Susquehanna River. The Luzerne County district...

Pro-family groups in PA are wary of 'Fairness Act' legislation

10.24.17 | Bob Price

Fairness Act legislation expands the state's non-discrimination law to include the LGBT community. But the Pennsylvania Family Institute fears the measure could be used to discriminate against the faith community and anyone who would dare speak...

PA motorists can now fill up with renewable fuel

10.24.17 | Bob Price

A 7-million dollar federal grant will promote the use of ethanol, a more environmentally-friendly alternative to gasoline. The money will allow nearly 80 Sheetz stations across the commonwealth to offer bio-fuel.  It's fuel made out of farm...

94-Year-Old Woman Rings in Birthday by Skydiving

10.23.17 | Bob Price

Some may consider themselves lucky to even live to 94 years old. For one woman in our area, she's alive and thriving at 94; so much so, she wanted to celebrate her birthday, by jumping out of a plane. Eila Campbell of Williamsport isn't your...

Fire and Explosion Level Home in Susquehanna County

10.23.17 | Bob Price

A fire and explosion leveled a woman's home in Susquehanna County. Photos from Thompson Fire Company's Facebook page shows there's not much left of the place on Westfall Avenue in Oakland. Authorities say there's too much damage to ever know...

Pennsylvania gets Real ID extension through Oct. 2018

10.20.17 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania has received yet another extension to comply with a federal law that says driver’s licenses must meet anti-terrorism standards. Gov. Tom Wolf’s office said the Department of Homeland Security granted the state a REAL ID...

Troy Police investigating threat of violence against high school

10.19.17 | Bob Price

A police SUV sitting outside the Troy Senior High School is not something parents and students in Bradford County usually see. Both Troy police and state police were at the school Wednesday because of a threat against the high school. “We...

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