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Pennsylania is looking at falling state prison numbers

01.22.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The Wolf Administration says last year's drop in state prison populations is the largest decrease on record. There are now nearly 3,300 fewer inmates than five years ago. Last year's dip also marks the fourth year in a row for an inmate decline...

Officers identify shooter of slain U.S. Marshal

01.19.18 | Brandon Dickson

31-Year-old Kevin Sturgis was killed by return fire, after fatally shooting a U.S. Marshal serving a warrant in Harrisburg Thursday morning. The slain marshal was 45-year-old Christopher David Hill, an 11-year veteran of the agency. Officers...

Lake Erie is almost 100% frozen-over

01.19.18 | Brandon Dickson

Steve Vermett, professor of geography at Buff State, says the lake is now about 94% frozen over. He notes that when a lake is totally frozen, the lake-effect "machine" is shut down. Vermette claims the extreme cold this year is atypical of the...

Gov. Wolf is moving to boost pay for salaried PA workers

01.18.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Democratic Gov. Wolf says employees need to treat their employees fairly. The controversial Jobs that Pay plan would raise the minimum amount employees need to make to get overtime by doubling the current federal threshold by 2022.

Lawyer for Kane says special prosecutor had too much power

01.18.18 | Brandon Dickson

The attorney for former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen told a panel of appeals judges this week that the decision to give the special prosecutor grand jury authority violated rules about separation of powers. A prosecutor countered by...

PennDOT raises awareness about human trafficking

01.17.18 | Terry Diener

Residents have been encouraged to wear blue in a national initiative to curb the crime, which organizers say many people think doesn’t happen in their communities. In Pennsylvania, PennDOT has trained 500 of its front-line Driver License...

PA's population shrank in 2016 while U.S. population grew

01.16.18 | Brandon Dickson

The national population rose .7% in 2016. Over 45,000 more people moved out of Pennsylvania than moved in in 2016.  According to a new USA Today report, that's the largest domestic outflow of any state other than New York, New Jersey...

Penn State researchers say later school starts could mean more sleep for teens

01.16.18 | Terry Diener

The Penn State study supports a 2014 recommendation from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics that middle and high schools start no earlier than 8:30 in the morning. A few Pennsylvania school...

GOP lawmakers press Gov. Wolf to change 'parent' on birth certificates

01.15.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

More than 20 legislators have written to Tom Wolf to change the "parent" label on birth certificates back to "mother" and "father." Representative Daryl Metcalfe says "the executive branch is not allowed to go about making policy changes that...

President Trump will be visiting western PA this week

01.15.18 | Bob Price

The commander-in-chief hopes to boost a Republican candidate for a congressional seat that's open because of scandal. Mr. Trump will be in Pittsburgh Thursday to support GOP hopeful Rick Saccone in the race for the 18th Congressional District...

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