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The number of people without health insurance continues to decline in PA

09.14.17 | Bob Price

New numbers from the Census Bureau puts the uninsured rate at 5.6%. That's 12th lowest in America. The national average is over 8.5%. 700,000 Pennsylvanians lacked health insurance last year, half a million fewer than the previous year.

A gun control group is lobbying against arming PA teachers in the classroom

09.13.17 | Bob Price

The legislation allows school workers with a conceal-carry permit to possess a weapon in the classroom if they meet training requirements and pass a psychological exam.

Fliers promoting white nationalism have been spotted in downtown Sunbury, PA

09.13.17 | Bob Price

Reporter Peggy Lee says the fliers contain content including "diversity means less white people," along with websites for the alt-right movement. Similar fliers were found posted in the city back in December.

PA's budding medical marijuana industry is running into some trouble

09.12.17 | Bob Price

An aspiring pot distributor is threatening a lawsuit that could shut down the entire program before it even launches. The Bethlehem-based grower is seeking an injunction against the state health department.  Keystone ReLeaf wants all...

PA officials convened the state's first ever automated vehicle summit in State College

09.12.17 | Bob Price

Transportation Secretary Leslie Richards says in many ways the commonwealth has paved the way for driver-less vehicles. The Automated Vehicle Summit, held Monday, included input from academics, business leaders, government officials and state...

VP Mike Pence commemorates the 16th anniversary of 9/11 in Shanksville, PA

09.11.17 | Bob Price

Delivering remarks at the Flight 93 National Memorial, Pence applauded the brave men and women who helped divert the intended path of the hijacked plane. "It's a debt I don't think I'll ever be able to repay because among the many lives that were...

PA's top law enforcement official is looking into the Equifax data breach

09.11.17 | Terry Diener

PA politicians get down to 'brass tacks' of filling a state budget hole today

09.11.17 | Terry Diener

State lawmakers are returning to the capital in Harrisburg for the first time in seven weeks with a fiscal emergency on their hands. At issue is how to come up with the money to keep state agencies, programs, schools and institutions funded at...

A new university report examines how flooding is impacting rural parts of PA

09.08.17 | Bob Price

The commonwealth's pattern of housing development along rivers and streams makes it one of the most flood-prone states anywhere in America. Researchers at Penn State and Bucknell universities estimate nearly a million Pennsylvania residents, or...

Experts are predicting robust fall foliage this autumn in PA and NY

09.08.17 | Terry Diener

Ryan Reed, an environmental education specialist in the Bureau of Forestry, says the groundwork has really been laid for fall color. Because of a wet summer, he says the leaves are loaded with sugars, which should boost the vibrancy of fall...

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