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Gov. Wolf rolls out his fourth and final first-term budget proposal today

02.06.18 | Brandon Dickson

The election-year plan is expected to carry no major new policy initiatives, and instead will look to highlight and cement his accomplishments as he campaigns for a second term. Wolf will seek a nearly 3% increase in spending, driven primarily...

PA lawmaker looks to fill firefighter void with ex-convicts

02.06.18 | Terry Diener

State Senator Dan Laughlin’s proposal would train non-violent criminals to become volunteer firefighters after they’re released from prison, something California is already doing. The senator wants inmates trained in prison so...

Eagles win their first Super Bowl trophy in franchise history

02.05.18 | Sarah Harnisch

Even in the locker room they gave God the glory for their 41 to 33 win over the Patriots last night in Minneapolis. People who were never Eagles fans before in Pennsylvania and New York are Eagles fans today.  

VP Pence is set to visit Pittsburgh today

02.02.18 | Brandon Dickson

Mike Pence is headed to the Steel City to help raise money in a congressional election widely viewed as a test of whether Republicans can stave off Democratic gains this year. Pence is scheduled to appear at a rally and fundraiser for Rick...

A Butler, PA dispensary will soon open its doors for medical pot

02.02.18 | Brandon Dickson

City officials toured CY+ dispensary Thursday, saying the facility will help Butler's economy. Pro-family groups say medical pot could still lead people down a slippery slope of addiction.

A lawmaker in PA tries to crack down on human trafficking

02.01.18 | Brandon Dickson

Republican Representative Seth Grove has introduced a bill to increase penalties on those convicted of trafficking someone into sex slavery and individuals who patronize a victim of trafficking. He hopes increasing the penalty for the crime to...

PA state police ask for donated horses

02.01.18 | Brandon Dickson

The call is for geldings between 5 and 15 years old to join a Hershey-based mounted patrol unit The 26-horse unit will perform searches, crowd control, security and patrols, as well as participate in parades and other police events.

The DEP seeks help to cap abandoned PA oil and gas wells

01.31.18 | Terry Diener

The Environmental Good Samaritan Act of 1999 protects groups and individuals who volunteer to implement qualifying environmental remediation projects from civil and environmental liability. While the Act historically has been used for mine...

PA lawmakers make steps of progress on the congressional district map

01.30.18 | Terry Diener

Senate Republican leaders introduced a bill Monday that could become legislation to replace the 18-district map ruled unconstitutional by the justices last week. Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf plans what he calls a listening tour at three stops in the...

Lawmaker wants to remove veterinarian exemption for drug monitoring

01.30.18 | Terry Diener

Veterinarians currently don’t have to submit information on the opioid-based painkillers they prescribe. State Representative Ed Gainey says that allows pet owners with opioid addictions to “vet shop” for medications for their...

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