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NY authorities are seeking the extradition of a Mansfield, PA man

11.06.17 | Bob Price

Curtis Burrows is accused of shooting to death a Chemung County resident Friday morning. 60-year-old Timothy Webster was killed in a car-jacking following a botched kidnapping that started in corning and ended a day-and-a-half later in...

A Penn State researcher recommends removing electronics from kids' bedrooms

11.03.17 | Terry Diener

Recommendations are outlined in a recent manuscript on digital media and sleep in childhood and adolescence. The document appears in the first-ever special supplement on this topic in Pediatrics. An associated professor at Penn State and...

First responders in PA now have their own communications network

11.03.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Pennsylvania has opted in to the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network. The system will provide the nation’s first reliable broadband web for first responders across the Keystone State, including those in rural areas. First responders...

Human trafficking continues to be a problem throughout NY and PA

11.02.17 | Bob Price

In the Buffalo area, it's a big problem. Amy Fleischauer, runs a not-for-profit that works with survivors of human trafficking. She says "the majority of cases involving minors, involved minors that were born, roomed, and trafficked here in...

Pennsylvania's Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program is up and running

11.02.17 | Bob Price

State Human Services Secretary Teresa Miller says the critical federal funds "allow Pennsylvanians to stay warm and safe." Last year, 350,000 Pennsylvanians benefited from "LIHEAP."

Bloom. Univ. officials say charges will be filed in a case of animal abuse

11.02.17 | Bob Price

The school is getting a lot of backlash after pictures of an opossum being mistreated went viral on social media. The pictures show three young men "force-feeding" the opossum alcohol, and then throwing it in a trash-can. The state game...

PA voters will have an opportunity to amend their state constitution

11.01.17 | Bob Price

A ballot measure paves the way for property tax abolishment. School districts are opposed to the idea, but education expert Ralph Kerr says the move could slow the ever climing tax rates for local residents. Experts say, if the referendum...

PA's largest city is holding out hope to be named the next regional headquarters of Amazon

11.01.17 | Terry Diener

Amazon is examining proposals from more than 200 cities, including Philadelphia. 48 buses and trolleys that go through two neighborhoods in Seattle near Amazon headquarters have been wrapped by Philadelphia tourism folks promoting Philadelphia...

PA police warn parents about edible marijuana that has hit the streets

10.31.17 | Bob Price

It looks very much like candy. Cops want moms and dads to be on the look when they go trick-or-treating with their kids this evening.   Police say marijuana candy comes in many forms including cookies, brownies, and lollipops. They say...

Gambling expansion got the green light Monday in Pennsylvania

10.31.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The governor has signed a controversial bill that allows casino-like gambling, online. Pennsylvania's governor says he hopes the move will be the final fix to patch the state's 2 billion dollar budget shortfall. Wolf can now direct funds for...

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