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New 911 Regional System Connects Nine 911 Call Centers

06.27.13 | Abby Lutcher

Nine counties in Western Pennsylvania are among the first counties in the state to join a 911 regional system.

Panel Endorses Change in Public Pension System

06.26.13 | Abby Lutcher

A state House panel has endorsed legislation to switch Pennsylvania's major public pension systems to 401(k)-style plan for new hires.

Legislative Leaders Still Undecided on PA Budget

06.26.13 | Abby Lutcher

Pennsylvania's Republican lawmakers continue to try to iron out differences over fellow Republican Gov. Tom Corbett's three major legislative priorities as the days tick down until their summer break.

Catching Texters Behind the Wheel

06.25.13 | Abby Lutcher

State police say it doesn't happen all that often, but if they suspect someone has caused a crash by texting and driving, they'll do whatever it takes to prove it.

More Child Abuse Laws Approved

06.25.13 | Abby Lutcher

The state House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a bill to define child abuse in Pennsylvania - a centerpiece of a package of bills aimed at protecting children in the state.

Voter ID Law-On Trial

06.24.13 | Abby Lutcher

Pennsylvania's voter identification law is going on trial.

Program Providing Produce to Low - Income Seniors, Families

06.24.13 | Abby Lutcher

Low-income Pennsylvanians can now apply for vouchers to purchase local produce at farmers markets and farm stands across the state through the Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP).

Medicaid Expansion Proposals

06.21.13 | Abby Lutcher

Legislation to expand Medicaid eligibility in the state under the 2010 federal health care law will come up for a floor vote in the state Senate next week with conditions that will make it more amenable to the chamber's Republican majority, the ...

Air Pollution Alert

06.21.13 | Abby Lutcher

An air pollution alert is in effect for five Pennsylvania regions.

TWA Flight 800 Missile Theory

06.20.13 | Abby Lutcher

Several former investigators are asking the National Transportation Safety Board to reopen the investigation into the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800 off New York.

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