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Geisinger Health System will offer up to 2 weeks of paid leave to new parents

08.29.19 | Brandon Dickson

The new policy begins Sunday and applies to parents of newborns, adopted or foster kids, and Geisinger employees who become guardian of a child. Full and part-time employees who have worked for the Danville, Pennsylvania company for at least...

PA state lawmakers are taking notice of skilled-worker shortage

08.28.19 | Terry Diener

The National Federation of Independent Businesses said in mid-August – the commonwealth needs more skilled workers, especially truck drivers, nurses, and health care workers. Members of the House Majority Policy Committee toured some...

The Wilkes-Barre School District wants to install "bullet proof glass" in its new building

08.28.19 | Bob Price

Wilkes-Barre School Board Vice President Shawn Walker says the goal is to make kids "safe." Opponents are concerned the special glass would not really help if a perpetrator got inside the building. The bullet proof glass would cost nearly a...

Waverly, NY man charged after allegedly threatening to kill Pres. Trump

08.27.19 | Brandon Dickson

24-Year-old Jesse Allen Blake was indicted by a federal grand jury on August 22nd. He reportedly mailed the threatening letter to the FBI back in March, while behind bars in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Blake also threatened to blow up the...

An Erie lawmaker is looking to expand PA's organ donation law

08.27.19 | Bob Price

Democratic Representative Ryan Bizzaro's proposal would allow anyone registering for or renewing their hunting, fishing, or boating license to also register as an organ donor. There are currently 8,000 people on Pennsylvania's transplant...

Prosecutors in Pittsburgh are seeking the death penalty for Robert Bowers

08.27.19 | Bob Price

He's the man charged in the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting last October. His actions could merit execution under the federal system. 11 People died in that mass shooting.

Pennsylvania House wins appeal in atheist suit on prayer policy

08.26.19 | Sarah Harnisch

A federal appeals court has ruled the Pennsylvania House has the right to deny atheists from delivering invocations. The decision by the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholds the Pennsylvania House's policy of limiting prayers at the start...

Louisiana takes home its first-ever Little League World Series Championship

08.26.19 | Sarah Harnisch

The 73rd series ended Sunday in South Williamsport, PA. The kids from River Ridge, Louisiana crushed Curacao 8-0 in yesterday's title game. Series attendance was more than 300,000 people this year. The league announced it's expanding the number...

Penn State ups the game with a new way to watch the weather

08.26.19 | Terry Diener

The Pennsylvania Mesonet — short for mesoscale network — will eventually comprise 20 weather stations designed to collect data on smaller-scale weather phenomena. Data loggers on each tower will send the information to a server at...

Police in Luzerne County, PA are cracking down on aggressive truck drivers

08.23.19 | Sarah Harnisch

The move comes following hundreds of reports of distracted and unsafe driving. Officer Ryan Cywinski says, "we see a lot of trucks that are speeding, aggressive lane changing, going through stop signs, weaving in and out of traffic, weaving off...

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