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PA kicks off it's low-income home energy assistance program

10.31.19 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania Human Services Secretary Teresa Miller says eligible homeowners can receive cash assistance in paying their heating bills. Last winter, the program dispersed more than $90 million with the households receiving an average of $276...

3 PA lawmakers urge felllow Democrat Gov. Wolf to fire DOC secretary

10.30.19 | Brandon Dickson

They're demanding the dismissal of Secretary John Wetzel after he said "honestly, we're just making it look like I'm paying attention. I just want people to think that I'm paying attention." It happened over an open microphone during a recent...

Pittsburgh planning an appeal after gun control laws were tossed

10.30.19 | Brandon Dickson

On Tuesday, a judge struck down gun restrictions that the city council imposed after the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. The legislation would have restricted military-style assault weapons like the AR-15 rifle cops say was used in the...

Guide rail replacement along all PA highways comes with $45 million cost

10.29.19 | Terry Diener

It's a mandate from the federal government, but state taxpayers are being handed the bill. The cost will come from PennDOT's current maintenance budget. That means some road repairs could have to wait. PennDOT says it will still be out fixing...

Prayers for football players in Pennsylvania

10.29.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey, Brandon Dickson

A community is rallying around North Schuylkill High School's star Quarterback, Jaden Leiby. He was badly injured in a game Friday night. Superintendent Robert Ackell says the injury has effected the entire student body and community. The...

PA will not hand over driver's license records to Census Bureau

10.25.19 | Terry Diener

Secretary Leslie Richards wrote to a Census Bureau official, saying her department won’t participate in the project. According to an Associated Press survey more than a dozen other states have already declined to participate. The Census...

Jerry Sandusy still seeking a new trial or prison release

10.24.19 | Brandon Dickson

The former Penn State assistant football coach is now asking a federal court to do what state courts so far have not. The 75-year-old has filed a petition that repeats many of the arguments he's made in state courts about why his 45-count child...

Hundreds of people in PA petition in Harrisburg to allow parole for "life" inmates

10.24.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Many of the rally speakers have incarcerated loved ones sentenced to life in prison. In the Keystone State, inmates sentenced to life in prison are not allowed parole.

The president promotes his support of the natural gas industry in Pittsburgh

10.23.19 | Brandon Dickson

The Commander in chief made his second visit to the commonwealth in the past three months to tout his pro-industry policies. His visit came just hours after Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, was in his native Scranton campaigning for...

Another Penn State fraternity in trouble

10.23.19 | Bob Price

An off-campus fraternity at Penn State University has been suspended following the death of a 17 year-old. Jack Schoenig, of Erie, was not a student there. He died over the weekend while visiting an off-campus house allegedly occupied by...

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