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Pro-life PA is "up in arms" over Gov. Wolf's effort to fund abortion provider

02.14.20 | Bob Price

Governor Wolf's push would provide funds from taxpayers to Planned Parenthood. Pennsylvania Family Institute's Michael Geer tells Family Life News the governor has a line-item in the budget for "reproductive services," even though it's...

Say goodbye to Peebles and hello to Gordmans in Pennsylvania

02.14.20 | Terry Diener

The midwest discount retailer is coming to Pennsylvania, opening 23 stores on February 18th. The stores will be located in both western and eastern Pennsylvania, taking over spots that were previously Peebles. Both Peebles and Gordmans are owned...

PA Senate President Joe Scarnati is calling it quits

02.13.20 | Bob Price

The Jefferson County Republican is stepping down after 14 years of steering the GOP in Harrisburg. Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute says Scarnati was reliable in helping pass legislation on traditional marriage and...

State Museum of Pennsylvania hosts African American vote event

02.12.20 | Brandon Dickson

Last night's event highlighted new laws meant to make voting easier. Director of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission Chad Lassiter  says it includes teaching voters how to select candidates who line up with their values. The event...

Pennsylvania voters can now request mail-in ballots online

02.12.20 | Terry Diener

The mail-in ballots, part of an election reform law signed in October by Gov. Tom Wolf, now allow all voters to vote by mail for any reason. The website was live as of Tuesday. Also, under Act 77, Pennsylvanians can now register to vote up to...

Senate democrats in PA introduce bills aimed at increasing housing opportunities

02.11.20 | Brandon Dickson

The "new deal" is a five-year program that calls for a billion dollars in new money to help expand access to affordable housing. State Senator Vincent Hughes says home ownership needs to  be accessible by every American. The initiative...

Dillsburg, PA couple among cruise passengers stranded in Japan

02.10.20 | Brandon Dickson

At least 12 Americans are among the thousands of people stuck on a cruise ship off Japan's coast. They've been quarantined due to the coronavirus outbreak. William and Colette Smedley say they are ready to return to the states "after 29 days at...

PHEAA faces legal challenges over its handling of a student loan forgiveness program

02.10.20 | Terry Diener

The lawsuits are over Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency’s role in the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness program. The program excuses borrowers who work in public service for 10 years from repaying their loans. PHEAA is the...

PA Senate approvs bill to create homebuyer savings accounts

02.07.20 | Brandon Dickson

It allows first-time homeowners to save for such things as down payments and closing costs. The bill's sponsor says the savings account could result in an annual increase of up to 4,000 Pennsylvania home purchases.

You're waking up to wild, winter weather today

02.07.20 | Traci Lynn Woolsey, Brandon Dickson

Kirk Apffell with the National Weather Service says freezing rain has made things slippery. He urges commuters to take extra care today following the freezing rain overnight. The system will dump up to a foot of snow on central New York. Areas...

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