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The PA Turnpike is in debt and drivers are paying for it

03.21.19 | Bill Price

The auditor general's office has released its latest audit into the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. Toll prices have gone up for the past 11 years and are expected to continue rising until the year 2044. Those hikes are largely due to a $450...

Beto O'Rourke heads to NH after addressing Penn State students

03.20.19 | Brandon Dickson

During his Tuesday visit to State College, the former Texas congressman hit on everything from the economy, to immigration, to health care--and the border wall. He said his town, which has 3 million immigrants on the Texas border is safe. He...

Former PA pediatrician is set for sentencing in assault of 31 kids

03.18.19 | Brandon Dickson

Dr. Johnnie Barto of Johnstown will be sentenced on dozens of counts today. Prosecutors say he spent decades abusing children, most of them patients. Cops failed to stop Barto when they had the chance nearly two decades ago. Barto has...

500 Pennsylvania National Guard soldiers are being deployed to Poland

03.18.19 | Terry Diener

The 3rd Squadron, 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment, is part of a multinational "battle group" whose mission is to deter Russian aggression in the Baltic region.   The squadron will be deployed for about a year.

Senator wants more gambling money for property tax relief

03.15.19 | Bob Price

A Pennsylvania senator has unveiled legislation that would direct all state revenue from expanded gambling to property tax relief for homeowners. Sen. Kristen Phillips-Hill (R-York) says she introduced Senate Bill 269 because when Pennsylvania...

‘Firearm Registration Act’ proposes creation of gun registry in PA

03.15.19 | Bob Price

A new proposal in the state House seeks to create a gun registry. House Bill 768, or the Firearm Registration Act, was proposed on Friday by Representative Angel Cruz (D-Philadelphia), Representative Mary Isaacson (D-Philadelphia), and...

Trout season opens in PA in less than 2 weeks

03.14.19 | Terry Diener

The 2019 trout-fishing season will open Saturday, March 23 with the Mentored Youth Trout Fishing Day in 18 counties, and the statewide opening day for trout for Saturday, April 13. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s “Great...

Return to work in Erie

03.14.19 | Brandon Dickson

Workers at Erie's former GE transportation plant are back on the job under a 90-day agreement as negotiators try to reach agreement on a new contract. The workers went on strike for nine days beginning February 25th, a day after completion of a...

Lawmakers aim to limit the length they serve in PA

03.13.19 | Brandon Dickson

A pair of Pennsylvania freshman congressmen have introduced a proposal to set term limits on members of the state Senate and House. Republican Representative Mike Jones says "we have too many people protecting the job, rather than doing the...

Imagine being able to get from Philly to Pittsburgh in half-an-hour

03.13.19 | Brandon Dickson

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has awarded a $2 million contract for a consultant to look into what it would take to make that a reality. The commonwealth has begun reviewing tech billionaire Elon Musk's hyper-loop concept. On it, pods...

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