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Commonwealth consumers will have more choices for the Affordable Care Act

08.01.19 | Brandon Dickson

Along with the added options, rates will increase across the Keystone State next year. Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman says consumers in all 67 counties will now have more options, markets will have greater competition, and...

Former PA AG Kathleen Kane was released from jail this morning

07.31.19 | Bill Price

Kane wrapped up serving serving an eight-month sentence for leaking grand jury material and then lying about it, under oath. The warden of the Montgomery County Correctional Institution says Kane shaved two months off her sentence for good...

Montour County, PA swimmer is now world record holder

07.29.19 | Bob Price

April Warrick of Danville has become the first American woman to swim from Italy to France. Warrick survived multiple jellyfish stings, even to her face, after swimming nine miles. Her next goal is to swim Lake Tahoe or all the Great Lakes.

Rules "policing possession" of marijuana just gotten tougher in Pennsylvania

07.29.19 | Terry Diener

So far, Pennsylvania’s legal cannabis options haven’t interfered with prosecuting cases of illegal marijuana possession. A Pennsylvania State Police spokesman said it’s too early to say whether police procedures will change in...

Firings for the "force" in Philadelphia

07.19.19 | Bob Price

The city's police commissioner, Richard Ross, says 13 cops will be cut for making racist or offensive Facebook posts--an unprecedented wave of terminations resulting from a scandal that has attracted national attention. The department had...

Hot now? Wait a few decades

07.19.19 | Terry Diener

The Union of Concerned Scientists, an advocacy group that's warning about the dangers of climate-change, says Pennsylvania will experience an average of 40 days a year with a heat index above 90 degrees by 2050, compared to an average of just...

Contrasting steps taken on death penalty in Pennsylvania

07.17.19 | Bob Price

Philadelphia's top prosecutor and the state district attorneys' association have taken opposing positions in a case that will determine if Pennsylvania's death penalty will remain in effect. Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner says his own review...

Tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike will be going up 6% next year

07.17.19 | Bill Price

Officials announced yesterday that the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission had approved the increase. It's scheduled to start January 5th on all sections and extensions except for three "cashless" toll facilities in western Pennsylvania. Now...

Gov. Wolf signs into law 6 bills that expand rights of victims in criminal trial

07.16.19 | Brandon Dickson

It's considered to be a big win for Pennsylvania Democrats and the Wolf Administration. One of the measures allows victims to attend any criminal proceeding unless the court determines their testimony would be altered by hearing other...

Court rules lawmakers did not violate PA constitution with failure to pass budget

07.16.19 | Terry Diener

The ruling from the Commonwealth Court comes after a trio of individuals filed a suit in 2017 claiming the Wolf administration used a line of credit from the state treasury to balance a budget deficit.  However, the court ruled that...

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