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Pennsylvania Turnpike officials rethink protocol after a January storm left hundreds of motorists stranded

04.07.16 |

Chief Executive Officer Mark Compton said part of the blame goes to tractor-trailers that blocked both lanes--making it hard for snowplows to keep lanes clear. More than 500 vehicles were stranded for almost 24 hours on a 16-mile stretch of the...

Unusual GOP delegate rules could put Pa. in the convention spotlight

04.06.16 | Bob Price

When Pennsylvania Republicans head to the polls next month, the first choice they'll make is who they'd like to see as the party's presidential nominee. What those voters may not realize is that their selections for who will represent the state...

Pa. corrects number of voters who changed parties

04.06.16 | Bob Price

The Department of State has revised the number of voters who changed parties for the April 26 primary election. From January 1 to April 3, 60,222 voters changed their party affiliation to Democrat, 89,234 changed to Republican and 9,573 to...

The Villanova Wildcats are college basketball's new champs

04.05.16 | Bob Price

Villanova is celebrating it's second men's title ever--the first in over 30 years after a last second, buzzer-beater over North Carolina last night.Villanova forward Kris Jenkins hit a 3-point shot as time...

The Pennsylvania House could vote this week on fetal pain awareness legislation

04.05.16 | Bob Price

The measure was voted out of committee yesterday.   It bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Republican representative Kathy Rapp sponsored the bill. The reforms are the first in a quarter century to Pennsylvania's abortion statute.

Amtrak trains are running again near Philadelphia after the lead engine derailed

04.04.16 |

Amtrak trains are back on track near Philadelphia after a collision yesterday that killed two workers and injured 30 passengers.The train hit a backhoe on the tracks during a trip from New York City to Savannah, Georgia. There were 350 people on...

New pro-life legislation is pending in Pennsylvania

04.04.16 |

The House bill bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Representative Kathy Rapp is sponsoring the fetal pain awareness effort amid growing scientific evidence that shows unborn babies feel pain after 20 weeks of gestation.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has won a key citizenship case before Pennsylvania's highest court

04.01.16 |

The state Supreme Court has upheld a lower court ruling that affirmed the Texas senator's eligibility to appear on Pennsylvania's primary ballot this month.A resident of Pittsburgh had argued that Ted Cruz's name should be expunged from the...

The Crawford County Pennsylvania jail warden and his wife are accused of stealing

04.01.16 |

Timothy Lewis and his wife, Debra, were arraigned yesterday in Titusville on theft charges for taking more than $130 thousand from a Moose lodge in East Fairfield to cover gambling losses. They were officers of the Moose lodge when they...

PA community colleges, State System universities sign agreement

03.31.16 |

A new partnership between the 14 community colleges and 14 state universities in Pennsylvania will enable more students to attain an associates degree than ever before. The "reverse transfer" program allows students who began their...