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A campaign is underway in PA to raise awareness about skimmers

08.25.17 | Bob Price

Banking Secretary Robin Robin Wiessmann says the devices "allow criminals to steal your card data by reading information that is on the card when it is swiped or inserted." The skimming machines are often attached to gas pumps and ATMs. State...

A new ranking lists PA worst in the U.S. for community colleges

08.25.17 | Bob Price

The survey by WalletHub looked at things like college affordability and career outcomes. Pennsylvania has 113 community colleges that serve the education needs of nearly 200,000 students.

Pennsylvania's Lt. Gov. living 'high off the hog'

08.24.17 | Bob Price

House Republicans accuse Mike Stack of lavish spending habits, amidst the commonwealth's dire financial straights.  They say his grocery budget is over $30,000. Stack has been under intense scrutiny since he and his wife were accused of...

PA's health department is requiring students be "up to date" on all vaccinations by the first week of school

08.24.17 | Bob Price

For some Pennsylvania schools, that's next week. Those who do not show their records by the fifth day of school may be forbidden to attend class. There are exceptions for students who cannot or choose not to be vaccinated, but those must also...

PA liquor officers will be cracking down on underage drinking across the state

08.24.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

As the fall semester begins, liquor authorities will meet with campus administrator in an effort to reduce illegal drinking and related issues on college campuses. Officers will also work with local liquor licensees to promote awareness... and...

Most opioid users stay on drugs even after overdosing, Pa. Medicaid study finds

08.23.17 | Bob Price

Perhaps the one good thing about an overdose is that it might scare a drug abuser into going straight. But new research shows that’s usually not the case. The number of people filling painkiller prescriptions in the six months after...

Bomb Threat Forces Building Evacuation at Penn State

08.23.17 | Bob Price

A bomb threat forced the evacuation of a building on the campus of Penn State University. The bomb threat was called in to University Police around 2:45 p.m. Tuesday. According to university officials, the threat was to the Research West...

PA officials warn not to eat fish caught in the Shenango River

08.22.17 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania environmental protection officials issued the blanket warning Monday for all fish caught in the Shenango River in Mercer and Lawrence counties. It's due to extremely high levels of polychlorinated biphenyl, or PCB. The advisory...

Train crash in Philly

08.22.17 | Bob Price

42 hurt, four seriously, when a train crashed into another unoccupied, parked train at a station in Upper Darby, just outside Philadelphia.   It happened just past midnight. No word yet on the cause of the crash. It's not expected to...

Pennsylvania must start freezing spending, top senator says

08.22.17 | Bob Price

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf should start freezing spending on various programs because the deficit-strapped state government soon will not be able to pay every bill on time, Pennsylvania's ranking state senator said Monday. Since the recession, the...

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