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Police in PA search for a grinch this Christmas

12.13.18 | Brandon Dickson

Officers say the man was caught on camera stealing donations from a Toys for Tots bin at a Poconos hotel. In the video, the man looks calm and collected, sipping coffee while staring directly into the camera. But moments before, he's accused...

Gov. Tom Wolf will start term 2 with new number-cruncher

12.12.18 | Terry Diener

Randy Albright, who has served as the governor’s budget secretary for all four years of Wolf’s first term, has announced he is stepping down from his position at the end of month. He indicated his future plans include a new role in...

Sanitorum turns down chief of staff position

12.12.18 | Brandon Dickson

Former commonwealth congressman Rick Santorum has taken himself out of consideration as President Trump's next chief of staff. Santorum, a senior political commentator for CNN, says his family situation doesn't allow him to take the job right...

The largest public educational aquaponics facility in the country has opened in PA

12.12.18 | Brandon Dickson

The Commonwealth Charter Academy in Harrisburg opened the system, which is a cycle of growing fish and plants together. Junior Nathanial Saxe says, "aquaponics allow us to grow food using less water and no soil." C.C.A. students are managing...

Prison pilot program is put to an end at PA state prisons

12.10.18 | Terry Diener

After a year of testing at five Pennsylvania state prisons, Department of Corrections officials are evaluating the program’s effectiveness with the hope of acquiring funding to continue it into the coming year. At each prison 25 inmates...

PA's Banking and Securities Department warns against shimmers

12.10.18 | Brandon Dickson

Shimmers offer a new way for thieves can get their hands on your money. Becky MacDicken says, like a skimmer, a shimmer captures information on your credit card, but "the data comes from the card's chip." Skimmers are often placed over a keypad...

PA employees and the N. Guard band together to help brighten the holidays

12.06.18 | Terry Diener

Representatives from the departments of Aging, Human Services, and Labor and Industry and the Pennsylvania National Guard gathered to support the 29th annual Holiday Wish Program gift drive, which provides donated gifts to about 200 families and...

Anti-semitic symbols founds on Penn State housing in Harrisburg

12.06.18 | Brandon Dickson

A drawing of a swastika was found in a stairwell in Nittany Place over the weekend. The discovery coincides with vandalism of a menorah on Penn State's main campus. Authorities are investigating the incidents.

Gov. Wolf announces flood relief for farmers

12.05.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Governor Tom Wolf noting this week farmland owners in select counties are eligible to receive disaster relief funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture following fallout from summer rains and flooding.  Federal relief is available to...

Fireworks fun foiled in PA

12.05.18 | Terry Diener

A state court has wiped out a key part of Pennsylvania's new fireworks law that made it easier for consumers to buy bottle rockets and other exploding devices at roadside and parking lot tent stands. The ruling does not end fireworks sales to...

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