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A strike is looming at Pennsylvania's 14 state-owned universities

09.09.16 | Bob Price

Charlie Hoy is a communications professor at Mansfield University.  He says there has been some agreement on minor issues.          5,500 professors have been working without a contract for more...

A major ruling on gun rights from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia

09.09.16 | Bob Price

The panel says people convicted of minor crimes should get a chance to legally own a firearm. The court sided with two Pennsylvania residents who were facing jail-time for their offenses. The Third Circuit ruled that a federal gun ownership...

Former Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane has asked a judge to order her ex-husband to pay her a million dollars as part of their divorce settlement

09.08.16 | Bob Price

The Scranton-native has filed a petition saying she needs the money now for attorney fees as she prepares for sentencing and appeal of her perjury conviction.

A debate about debates has emerged in the highly-contested and increasingly testy U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania

09.08.16 | Bob Price

Republican incumbent Pat Toomey and Democratic challenger Katie McGinty are locked in a debate over when, where, and how many debates they'll have.Toomey wants four between October 6th and the 24th in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and at...

A Bradford County community is taking a stand against the natural gas industry and it's second largest company

09.07.16 | Bob Price

Wilmot Township is raising the red flag about Chesapeake Energy royalty payments in the Northern Tier.Last night, residents voted to stop Chesapeake Energy from removing anymore gas from it's wells until the company pays lease-holders their full...

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene Depasquale says the state turnpike commission is on financially shaky ground

09.07.16 | Bob Price

The commonwealth's top fiscal watchdog says without a funding reform formula, vital transportation projects on the Pennsylvania Turnpike could come to a screeching halt. He says that puts the motoring public at risk.DePasquale says one of the...

The conviction of former Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane has cleared the way for voters to focus on the two men seeking to replace her as the state's top prosecutor

09.06.16 | Terry Diener

Both candidates Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro and Republican nominee John Rafferty have run a relatively sleepy campaign across the summer as Kane's trial captured the headlines. If as expected, they use the next two months to reset the...

Pro-family activists in Pennsylvania are keeping a close eye on LGBT legislation as it gains strength in Harrisburg

09.06.16 | Bob Price

The so-called bathroom bill, Senate bill 1306 could endanger the religious freedom rights of christian not-for-profits. The Pennsylvania Family Institute says the measure infringes on hiring policies and privacy protections. That group fears...

Lock her up? Probation? Law experts weigh in on how to sentence Kane

09.05.16 | Bob Price

In her turbulent years as attorney general, Kathleen Kane was a polarizing figure. That's no less true today on the issue of her sentencing next month: Should the state's former chief law enforcement officer be sentenced to prison? It's water...

Should Pennsylvania schools start after Labor Day?

09.05.16 | Bob Price

A move by a neighboring state is stirring up discussion among businesses and school administrators in central Pennsylvania. On Wednesday, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed an executive order requiring all schools to begin classes after...

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