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Pennsylvania landowners will rally in Harrisburg next week for gas royalty rights

09.23.16 | Sarah Harnisch

Bradford County commissioners are inviting residents to attend a rally next Tuesday in support of House Bill 1391.  It requires gas companies follow a decades-old law when it comes to royalty rights.    Northern Tier residents say...

Pennsylvania auditor general eugene depasquale has some strong words of condemnation when it comes to charter schools in the Keystone State

09.23.16 | Sarah Harnisch

The commonwealth's top fiscal watchdog says there's a gross lack of oversight and accountability. DePasquale says private individuals connected to charter school education are making crooked deals to pad their pockets at the expense of students...

Legislation in the works in Harrisburg would streamline and speed up the adoption process throughout Pennsylvania

09.22.16 | Bob Price

The House bill would cut in half the period of time that a birth mother has to revoke her consent for adoption.

Some good police work has netted a huge drug bust in western Pennsylvania

09.22.16 | Bob Price

75 felony arrests were made as undercover cops spent six months investigating a drug trafficking ring. Attorney General Bruce Beemer says some of the product the dope-dealers were peddling included "heroin, crack cocaine and prescription...

Pennsylvania lawmakers are putting local gun laws in the crosshairs again

09.21.16 | Bob Price

The move is on To re-enact legislation that would let the NRA and other gun-right" groups challenge local firearm restrictions. The House Judiciary Committee has voted to advance the gun-friendly legislation that was thrown-out by the courts...

Spotlight on Supreme Court as battle over judges' retirement age

09.20.16 | Bob Price

By the end of the year, 19 judges statewide could be forced to retire, including the chief justice of Pennsylvania's Supreme Court. By the end of next year, 28 more would be expected to join their ranks. Voters could change that in November...

Several RV’s Burn in Schuylkill County

09.20.16 | Bob Price

Multiple RV’s caught fire in Schuylkill County Monday night. Flames broke out around 10 p.m. on Pole Road in East Union Township near Ringtown. At least a dozen fire companies responded. According to the fire chief, four RV’s...

Drivers in Pennsylvania are getting some extra leeway when it comes to red lights

09.19.16 | Sarah Harnisch

Pennsylvania's new red light law went into effect on Sunday. It allows drivers to run a red light when the sensor appears to be malfunctioning. Some traffic lights use sensors under the pavement so when a car comes up, it triggers the sensor...

People in Pennsylvania are picking up the pieces after severe storms over the weekend

09.19.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Officials in the northwestern part of the state reported downed trees, wires-and even a barn.  The national weather service is trying to determine if a tornado or a down burst went through warren county Saturday night.In central...

A famous preacher held a prayer rally yesterday at the Pennslyvania state capital

09.16.16 | Bob Price

Reverand Franklin Graham admonished Christian activists to stay engaged in the public square.  He says it's not too late for America.  "Not when God's people come together and pray, it's not too...

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