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Two killed in Centre County plane crash

06.17.16 | Bob Price

Thursday morning around 8:20, there was a fatal plane crash near the University Park Airport. The crash happened just off of Barnes Road in a wooded area. Two people were onboard the plane, the pilot and a passenger.  Both were pronounced...

As expected, Pennsylvania's counties and municipalities will see less money from a state fee on Marcellus Shale gas wells

06.16.16 | Terry Diener

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission said Wednesday that impact fee revenue from Marcellus Shale wells dropped by $36 million to about $188 million. That's the lowest annual payment in the five-year history of the impact fee, and the second...

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has ordered Confederate flags on display in the capitol rotunda be brought down

06.16.16 | Bob Price

The State Historical Society says it was part of an exhibit representing different periods in American history from the days of the vikings 'til now They accuse the governor of waving the white flag of political correctness by removing the...

Gun sales are up significantly across Pennsylvania since the mass shooting in Orlando Sunday morning

06.15.16 | Sarah Harnisch

Gregory Dillon owns a gun store in Johnstown, PA. The most popular gun purchased: semi-automatic weapons. Dillon says there has been a 100% increase in gun sales in his shop.

The way your pension is calculated could be changing in the state of Pennsylvania

06.15.16 | Sarah Harnisch

A major pension reform bill flew through the house yesterday in a 136 to 59 vote. It affects every state employee and teacher. It's called the stacked hybrid plan-- And it means the first 50-thousand dollars in income would be put into a...

The Pennsylvania State Police saved 1,000 lives from heroine overdose over the past year using a new drug

06.14.16 | Sarah Harnisch

Naloxone was outfitted in squad cars across the state. Governor Wolf held a press conference in their honor. He said, having the drug available is a first step.  Follow-up treatment is also needed.2,500 people a year die in Pennsylvania from...

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill into law Monday that requires all children under the age of two to be strapped into a rear-facing child safety seat in the back seat

06.14.16 | Sarah Harnisch

It replaces a law that critics said was too vague, allowing kids of all ages to ride in front-facing seats in the back or front. The law takes effect in two months. For the first year, police will issue verbal warnings, but violations in 2017...

The medical marijuana business is barely budding in Pennsylvania, but already there are proposals to legalize its recreational use in the commonwealth

06.13.16 |

This past week a Philadelphia lawmaker began circulating a memo seeking co-sponsorship for a future proposal to allow recreational marijuana for adult use to be sold only in liquor stores.  Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the...

A new law in Pennsylvania is helping police combat the proliferation of designer drugs which are taking lives in record numbers

06.13.16 | Bob Price

Tioga County Representative Matt Baker authored the bill in the general assembly.  He said, "129 people a day in America die of drug overdose deaths."Baker's bill, which was signed last week by Governor Wolf, enables police to make quicker...

A vote in the state House of Representatives may take place next week that could determine if the long-stalled Pennsylvania fairness act will move forward

06.10.16 |

Reporter Terry Diener says the legislation would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of classes protected from discrimination in employment. State Rep. Dan Frankel, the prime sponsor of the bill, submitted a discharge...

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