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The Nittany Lions take the field today at the Rose Bowl in California

01.02.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Before the big game comes the Rose Bowl Parade. There will be flower colored floats, bands, and equestrian units marching along a five-mile parade route. 1,500 officers and barricades are expected at 56 intersections along the parade...

The abortion rate in Pennsylvania is at an all-time low

01.02.17 | Bob Price

New statistics from the state health department show there were 300 fewer abortions in 2015 than 2014. In all, just under 32,000 abortions were performed in Pennsylvania last year.  That's the lowest number ever recorded in the commonwealth.

Pennsylvania leads the nation again in Lyme disease cases

12.30.16 | Terry Diener

In 2016, there have been 12,092 reported cases of the tick-borne disease in the state through December 24. That's triple the amount of the runner-up, New York, which had 4,002 cases, followed by New Jersey with 3,850. A state department of...

Hundreds of families are en route to see Penn State play in the Rose Bowl

12.30.16 | Sarah Harnisch

Penn State fans were easy to pick out at the airport. The parents of a Nittany Lion player Brandon Smith say, "It's a chance of a lifetime for the kids to play at the Rose Bowl, and we're just thrilled to go out and enjoy it with them."The big...

A sinkhole in Pennsylvania causes an evacuation

12.29.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Half of the 12 feet wide and six feet deep sinkhole had been filled in with stone last night. The Bethlehem fire chief says final repairs and a top coat will be delayed. The sinkhole swallowed part of a street Wednesday.   Several houses...

PA's Superior Court handed down a decision for two women to legally get divorced

12.29.16 | Terry Diener

Freyda Neyman and Florence Buckley couldn't legally marry in the Keystone State in 2002, but a state Superior Court panel ruled Wednesday that the women can legally get divorced. The decision, set in an opinion by Senior Judge James J...

It's Rose Bowl week for Penn State

12.28.16 | Sarah Harnisch

The players spending some time at Disneyland in southern California. Coaches say the distraction before Monday's big game against The University of Southern California is a good thing.The 5th-ranked Nittany Lions will face the 9th- ranked Trojans...

Driving will get more expensive next year in Pennsylvania

12.28.16 | Sarah Harnisch

The Keystone State has some of the worst roads in America, mainly because there are so many roads in the commonwealth.To keep up with managing the massive network of roads prices are going up in Pennsylvania. Windshield registration stickers...

PA's minimum wage will stay put at $7.25 while 21 other states increase base pay

12.27.16 | Terry Diener

"Fight for Fifteen" rallies were held across the state throughout the year, as Pennsylvanians pushed to increase minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour. While neither Maryland, Ohio nor New York will increase their minimum wage that much, some will...

The price to fill up is going up in Pennsylvania

12.27.16 | Bill Price

Starting Sunday, the nation's highest gas tax will increase by another 8 cents per gallon. Gas stations will almost certainly pass along the increase to motorists. Drivers will pay about 78 cents per gallon in tax  That's up from just...

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