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Will Bob Casey try to block Trump's Supreme Court pick?

02.24.17 | Bob Price

On most of President Trump’s biggest moves, Sen. Bob Casey has been firm and clear in opposing him. But on perhaps Trump’s most significant step yet, Casey is hedging. The Pennsylvania Democrat has been careful in his statements on...

Pro-life forces in PA continue to put pressure on state lawmakers to support bills banning late-term abortions

02.23.17 | Bob Price

Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute says the goal is to get an override in the House and Senate, since Gov. Wolf has promised to veto the legislation.The fetal pain awareness bills, Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 77, ban abortions...

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier has refiled his breach of contract suit against the university

02.23.17 | Bob Price

He alleges multiple violations in their separation agreement from 2011. Spanier was terminated as Penn State's president in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal. Spanier will go on trial next month. He's accused of trying to...

Pennsylvania budget hearings began this week in Harrisburg

02.22.17 | Bob Price

Lawmakers say priority number one is offsetting a more than two billion dollar fiscal hole. Senator John Blake of Lackawanna County says the issue will be a big part of the discussion moving forward.The governor has proposed balancing the budget...

A PA school district has agreed to remove a 'Ten Commandments' statue

02.22.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The Freedom from Religion Foundation says it received a signed settlement last week from the New Kensington-Arnold School District. The district will shell out $164,000 to cover a fine and legal fees. The challenge to the 6-foot-high monument...

The PA Senate is debating a bill to reform how state legislative and congressional boundary lines are drawn

02.21.17 | Terry Diener

Senate Bill 22 would establish an independent 11-member commission; four from each of the two major political parties and three not affiliated with either party.  Commission members would not be allowed to hold a political or party office...

An effort to ban late-term abortions has been launched in the Pennsylvania House

02.21.17 | Bob Price

Representative Kathy Rapp says House Bill 77 makes it a third-degree felony for physicians to perform abortions at 20 weeks gestation. Current law bans abortions after 24 weeks in Pennsylvania.Less than two weeks ago, the Pennsylvania Senate...

Pennsylvania lawmakers may force drug addicts into treatment programs

02.21.17 | Bob Price

The measure has bipartisan support in the house and senate and would allow involuntary commitment of a drug user after an overdose. The proposal is fueled by the growing opioid epidemic that is rippling across the northeast. The ACLU says it...

PA prison officials have already begun the process of closing a massive state prison complex near Pittsburgh

02.20.17 | Bob Price

Some inmates have already been sent to other detention facilities. Prison staff have until Friday to say where they'd like to be transferred. The state is still trying to figure out what it plans to do with that 24-acre site on the Ohio River...

PA Representative Marty Causer is sponsoring legislation to beef-up depleted first responders

02.20.17 | Bob Price

He says ambulance services are in a state of crisis due to "a lack of personnel and a lack of financial resources." Causer's bill would increase the fine on speeding tickets to pay for efforts to upgrade equipment and training for ambulance staff.

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