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One of PA's largest health-care providers is dismissing the use of opiods to control chronic pain

12.20.16 | Bob Price

Geisinger Health says opioid medication is ineffective and dangerous.  The prognosis comes as the commonwealth reels from an opiod overdose epidemic. The study was based on findings from 90,000 patients. It concludes that opioid therapy is...

PA workers who process unemployment claims will apply for unemployment

12.20.16 | Bob Price

More than 500 employees at three Pennsylvania jobless centers are being laid off as the Keystone State tries to dig out from a massive financial hole. Governor Wolf has promised thousands of state positions that are currently unfilled will...

A PA woman faces criminal charges after stealing a baby Jesus figure from a nativity scene

12.19.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Bethlehem-area police say she took the Jesus figure to the hospital with a note explaining the baby had been neglected by his parents, "Joseph and Mary." 49-year-old Jacqueline Ross told police it was a joke, but they are not laughing.  She...

Major changes are being proposed to public education in PA

12.19.16 | Terry Diener

At issue in Harrisburg is a de-emphasis on state tests.Calling it the Future Ready Grading Index, state education officials say the new grading system is meant to tell a more accurate story about Pennsylvania's 500 school districts. While...

PA Gov. Wolf will eliminate thousands of unfilled positions in state government

12.16.16 | Bill Price

As the state faces a large budget deficit, the Wolf Administration is telling cabinet agencies to limit the size of the state workforce to the number of positions now filled. The decision will affect thousands of positions, and it's not known...

The bone-chilling cold is jolting the system

12.16.16 | Bob Price

The coldest day of the season thus far. Dr. Bob Glatter at the University of Rochester Medical Center says in sub-zero wind chills it doesn't take long for frost-bite to set in.  He says to cover your head, neck, and ears. Another day of...

The PA Dept. of Corrections has awarded $1.5 million to agencies that provide treatment for drug addiction disorders

12.16.16 | Terry Diener

The funding targets counties – particularly in rural areas – with high overdose rates and offenders with substance abuse disorder in an effort to address the problem before it leads to more serious crime or overdose death.   The...

Not only is the gas tax going up in PA, but so too are tolls on the turnpike

12.15.16 | Terry Diener

A 6% toll increase, approved in July, takes effect at 12:01 a.m. on January 8th on both cash and E-ZPass tolls. A turnpike spokesman says the higher rates are needed to help the turnpike meet its funding obligations.  Those obligations...

The world-famous Hershey Chocolate factory in PA is preparing to welcome it's 100 millionth visitor

12.15.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The free attraction in central Pennsylvania offers a behind-the-scenes look at the history of the chocolate company, and officials are planning to commemorate the milestone visit. The 100 millionth visitor will receive a year's supply of...

The arctic blast descends on NY and PA tonight

12.14.16 | Bill Price

Temperatures will plummet to their lowest levels of the season. The bitter cold will kick-up lake effect snows in ski country. Lake effect warnings are up through Friday when another foot of snow could fall in areas near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario

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