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PA lawmakers are moving to beef up funding for the state's unemployment system

03.30.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Legislation heading to the state House would free up $15 million to upgrade service in the Keystone State's unemployment compensation centers. This week, state senators voted 39 to 8 to approve the bill. The move comes after nearly 500 workers...

The Pennsylvania DEP has sued two tiny towns that banned frack water wells

03.30.17 | Bob Price

The sites in question are shale-gas wastewater disposal sites. The legal action sets the Keystone State on a collision course with municipalities over who governs oil and gas operations within a town's local boundaries.The lawsuits were filed...

PA lawmakers have unveiled bills to reform the state's domestic violence statutes

03.29.17 | Bob Price

The measures require defendants facing orders of protection to surrender their firearms. Police would also be required to take a more active role in assisting domestic violence victims. And the courts would have the authority to make it harder...

PA's AG is warning residents of scammers looking to steal their money as they prepare to file their taxes

03.29.17 | Terry Diener

Callers claiming to be IRS agents will request financial information to file returns illegally and steal people’s refunds. Josh Shapiro says Pennsylvanians need to know the IRS will never request your personal or financial information by...

A crew has unearthed cannonballs at the site of an old Civil War arsenal in PA

03.28.17 | Terry Diener

The construction crew found about 20 cannonballs Monday at the site in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh.The police bomb squad responded to the scene but decided to allow the construction company’s subcontractor who is...

Senate Democrats in PA are still rebuilding their computer system after hackers demanded ransom money

03.28.17 | Terry Diener

The state legislators' offices continue to operate via a combination of cell phones and laptops, some personal and some provided by the caucus. On Monday, Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa said Microsoft technicians would begin going around to...

Nearly 10,000 people were without power yesterday in central Pennsylvania

03.28.17 | Bob Price

For almost 12 hours Monday people in Northumberland and Union counties were without power. The outages impacted schools and businesses in the Lewisburg area. One Milton man said electrical issue was a major inconvenience, especially for folks...

Fatal domestic violence cases are down in PA, but not down enough

03.27.17 | Terry Diener

102 People lost their lives in domestic violence incidents last year.  The number is slightly down from 2015 when there was 114 people killed.    According to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence in 2016, there...

Pennsylvania's unemployment rate is at a seven-year low

03.27.17 | Bob Price

The 5% clip is slightly above the national average. Over the past year, employers in Pennsylvania have added 74,000 workers to their payrolls.

Jury deliberations continue today in the trial of a former Penn State University president

03.24.17 | Bob Price

Graham Spanier is accused of child endangerment and conspiracy in connection to the Jerry Sandusy scandal. Spanier's attorneys declined to call any witnesses in his defense.

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