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The last pending criminal trial from the child abuse scandal at Penn State is about to 'gavel in' Monday

03.17.17 | Terry Diener

Graham Spanier, the Penn State president from 1995 through 2011, will defend himself against  charges that his inaction on a February 2001 report about former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky led to the abuses of at least three other...

PA's iconic Zippo lighter factory in Bradford is laying off nearly 40 workers

03.16.17 | Bob Price

It blames the layoffs on a glut of inventory in China. Zippo employs about 500 people in the city of Bradford.

President Trump's government hiring freeze has led to the shut down of several historic sites in Philadelphia

03.16.17 | Terry Diener

Union representatives tell several sites at Independence National Historic Park have closed.  David Fitzpatrick, who is head of union that represents park employees, says the halt in hiring shuttered seven sites, including...

A PA lawmaker wants to bar police from any immigration enforcement activity

03.15.17 | Terry Diener

Representative Chris Rabb says his Sanctuary Commonwealth Bill would bar Pennsylvania law enforcement agencies from using agency or department funds, facilities, property, equipment or personnel to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect or...

Clarification: PA is not under a 'state of emergency'

03.14.17 | Bob Price

The commonwealth of Pennsylvania is not under a state of emergency.  Rather, Gov. Wolf declared and signed a signed a Proclamation of Disaster Emergency in anticipation of today's significant winter snowstorm.  Included in that: reduced...

A PA fire chief is telling people today to get rid of their hover-boards

03.14.17 | Bob Price

Harrisburg Chief Brian Enterline says one of those toys caused the fire that killed a three-year-old girl over the weekend.   Neighbors in that Harrisburg neighborhood still can't believe it.The Consumer Product Safety Commission says this...

Penn State students are reacting today to the guilty pleas by two players in the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal

03.14.17 | Bob Price

Most students are ready to move forward.On Monday, Penn State's former vice president and athletic director both pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges.          Former Penn State President...

Snow-plow operators are 'busy as beavers' keeping the streets and roads clear

03.14.17 | Bob Price

Even with the amount of snow we're getting, many utility officials are not anticipating the sort of power outages that we saw last week from the wind-storm. But that's not the case in northeastern Pennsylvania which is under a blizzard...

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has released final results of its 2016-17 deer harvest

03.14.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The Keystone State’s buck harvest increased 9% with the overall deer harvest up 6%. Nearly half of the 333,000 harvested deer were antlered deer.   Bow hunters accounted for nearly a third of the deer harvest. The overall deer...

A PA state senator hopes to crack down on drug abuse by making it harder for addicts to gain access to opioids

03.13.17 | Terry Diener

Senator Richard Alloway is working on Senate Bill 299.  Paper prescriptions for opioids could soon be a thing of the past if his bill becomes law.  He hopes to make it tougher for those addicted to doctor shop or forge prescriptions...

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