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Attorneys general from 16 states have sent a letter to the president, calling the immigration order unconstitutional

01.30.17 | Bob Price

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has launched a hotline to assist detainees and is offering legal assistance to any migrant affected by the president's actions. Pennsylvania's attorney general was also involved in sending the letter.

Two PA senators have introduced legislation calling for a state constitutional amendment

01.30.17 | Bob Price

They want to expand property tax exemptions for disabled veterans. Under the proposal, veterans with at least a 50% disability would be exempt from paying part of their property taxes, Currently,  vets must be 100% disabled to receive an...

The Republican majority in the PA Senate is wasting no time in flexing its newfound muscle

01.30.17 | Terry Diener

In the Senate’s first full week of the new two-year session, a Senate committee advanced legislation that would kill Philadelphia’s sick-leave law and withhold state grant dollars from sanctuary cities.  So far, Wolf has vetoed...

PA Gov. Tom Wolf will today propose the consolidation of four state agencies into one department

01.30.17 | Bob Price

He wants the departments of human services, health, aging and drug and alcohol prevention to become one new state agency. The consolidation will result in major job cuts, but save the state money. The new unified agency would be called the...

PA lawmakers are asking Mr. Trump to reexamine a law that makes driver's licenses more secure

01.27.17 | Terry Diener

A January 24th letter signed by 116 lawmakers asks Trump to resolve the constitutional issues the REAL ID Act has raised and to relieve states of the massive cost. The lawmakers say Real ID imposes a significant unfunded mandate and usurps the...

PA's grim state budget forecast is getting gloomier

01.27.17 | Bob Price

Governor Tom Wolf and the Republican-controlled legislature are facing a potential shortfall of nearly $3 billion through next summer based on new projections today by the state legislature's Independent Fiscal Office. The projected deficit is...

PA Gov. Tom Wolf has been given a clean bill of health

01.26.17 | Terry Diener

Gov. Tom Wolf’s spokesman J.J. Abbott told reporters the governor had a follow-up visit with a doctor last week and was given the good news. Wolf announced in February of last year he had a treatable form of prostate cancer. The...

The mayor of PA's largest city is thumbing his nose at the president's plan to crack down on sanctuary cities

01.26.17 | Bob Price

Mayor Jim Kenney says Philadelphia will continue to be a sanctuary city despite threats of federal funds being pulled. Richard Santiago is an immigrant rights activist in Philly and thinks the crackdown will backfire.  He says "immigrants...

Pittsburgh International Airport is being honored as the top airport in the world

01.25.17 | Bob Price

Air Transport World magazine has named it this year's airport of the year. It marks the first time a U.S. airport has earned the top spot. Pittsburgh International serves 68 nonstop destinations. The airport just finished its busiest year since...

A PA politician wants to increase the states' minimum wage to $15-an-hour by 2023

01.25.17 | Bob Price

Dauphin County Democrat Patty Kim claims the working poor cannot survive on the current minimum wage.  She quoted a 2016 report from the National Low-Income Housing Coalition saying "a working in Pennsylvania working a minimum wage job would...

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