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A food plant will be bringing new jobs to PA’s Schuylkill County

07.07.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Tyson Foods plans to spend nearly $60 million on an expansion at its distribution center in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. The renovation is expected add another 164,000 square feet to its existing cold-storage distribution warehouse for...

PA counties begin accepting applications Monday for antlerless deer hunting licenses

07.07.17 | Terry Diener

Hundreds of thousands of the familiar, oversized, pink envelopes will be dropped into mailboxes across the state Friday and Saturday. The doe license application process is one of the only non-electronic application processes still in place...

The state budget passed by PA politicians a week ago still sits on the governor's desk

07.07.17 | Bob Price

The legislation is in limbo because it does not contain a fix-it plan for the state's more than $2 billion budget shortfall. Governor Wolf has until midnight Monday to veto the bill, sign it, or let it become law without his signature.

The PA Turnpike Commission is giving drivers a chance to pay their overdue tolls before a new law takes effect

07.06.17 | Bob Price

Turnpike CEO Mark Compton says toll cheats have a month to avoid stiffer penalties. This is for people with six or more toll violations or $500 worth of toll fees. You can find out more about the toll cheat amnesty program at

Consultants hired to review PA's financially strapped university system plan to present findings next week

07.06.17 | Terry Diener

The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems had been scheduled to present an interim report to the State System of Higher Education on July 12th, but officials say the consultants will share their actual findings and...

PA's drilling industry is showing signs of life

07.05.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

So far this year, natural gas producers have already drilled more than twice the number of shale wells than last year. Natural gas prices have nearly doubled since 2016. A spokesman for the Marcellus Shale Coalition says "there's a cautious...

Penn State has filed a lawsuit against former assistant football coach Bob Shoop for breach of contract

07.05.17 | Sarah Harnisch

The school says he owes the university nearly $900,000 dollars. According to the lawsuit filed in June, Shoop was required to pay the university half his base salary for any remaining term if he decided to leave early. Shoop's contract ran 'til...

PA authorities have arrested a man in connection to a deadly road rage incident

07.03.17 | Bob Price

Authorities say a man in a red pickup truck shot an 18-year-old woman in the head.Bianca Roberson had recently graduated from high school in the suburbs of Philadelphia.The Chester County DA says the 28 year-old suspect is being held without bail...

A new report ranks PA's rural roads among the most deadly in the nation

07.03.17 | Terry Diener

The non-profit group TRIP, which reviews transportation data, released the report. Pennsylvania’s rural roads were ranked the eighth worst in the country; rural bridges were the third worst. Of the 1,200 people killed in traffic accidents...

Authorities in Williamsport, PA are on high alert after a deadly batch of drugs sent dozens to the hospital

06.30.17 | Sarah Harnisch

They say 36 people have been treated for heroine overdoses in the last 24 hours in Williamsport. One case was fatal. The Tioga County District Attorney's Office issued a warning to the public saying there may be a lethal version of the drug in...

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