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Pittsburgh hosts rally to protect babies born alive after abortion attemp

04.24.19 | Brandon Dickson

The event to urge passage of the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act is directed at Democratic Congressman Connor Lamb. 200 Members of congress have already signed a petition urging federal action on the measure that requires doctors to...

PA lawmaker reintroduces a bill to stop drivers from holding a cell phone while driving

04.24.19 | Sarah Harnisch

Pennsylvania really only gives tickets for texting while driving, and not much else. You can have your phone in hand while searching for a phone number or making a call, something all surrounding states have banned. Representative Rosemary...

Fed. court forces Catholic social services to include gay couples as foster parents

04.23.19 | Sarah Harnisch

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the city's decision to stop placing children with the agency because it would not permit gay and lesbian couples to take in foster children. The court said it did not target the agency because of its...

Nonprofit calls on PA lawmakers to steer clear of federal gas tax hike

04.23.19 | Terry Diener

President Donald Trump has called for a 25-cent-per-gallon increase in the federal gas tax. But according to a grassroots group, Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania, the federal hike along with Pennsylvania’s state gas tax of...

PA's DEP takes to the skies to control black flies

04.19.19 | Terry Diener

The first aerial spraying, dependent on weather and stream flow, could take place on the Schuylkill River and several tributaries within the week. Other waterways will be treated as stream levels drop and weather conditions allow. This year, 48...

More than half of Pennsylvania's counties have dropped in population

04.19.19 | Brandon Dickson

Thirty-seven commonwealth counties in the Keystone State lost population from 2017 to 2018, according to census data. Many onlookers have attributed the slack to a dearth of qualified workers for highly skilled jobs.

Where's the best drinking water in Pennsylvania?

04.18.19 | Bill Price

Tastetesters from across the state determined the winner in this "H2O in show" event at Hershey Lodge. In the end, McKeesport, outside of Pittsburgh, was voted as the best tasting drinking water in the commonwealth. Carity, odor, and taste...

Feeling the Bern in Luzerne

04.15.19 | Brandon Dickson

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is on the Stump in Pennsylvania this afternoon. The Vermont senator is speaking at the Mohegan Sun Casino at 2:30 this afternoon. He'll outline his "medicare for all" proposal before a crowd of...

Experts: Last summer one of the wettest on record in Pennsylvania

04.15.19 | Brandon Dickson

That's according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. July 2018 was the rainiest July in the past 124 years. The intense rainfall and flooding caused farmers across the Keystone State to lose significant crops and 61...

A U.S. senator from PA makes another push for gun control

04.11.19 | Brandon Dickson

Senator Pat Toomey has put his name on a bill that would attempt to close what he sees as a loophole that allows thousands of people who attempt to buy a gun illegally, to walk away without consequences. Based in part on laws that already exist...

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