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Half a million "marching for life" today

01.24.20 | Bob Price, Brandon Dickson

They're flocking to the National Mall in our nation's capital today for the 47th annual event. The march's president, Jeanne Mancini, insists having a president attend "in person" is a first. Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute...

Former PA Lt. Gov. Mike Stack saunters into stand-up comedy

01.24.20 | Terry Diener

Stack’s profile page is on Backstage, a website for actors and comedians seeking work. There are two videos of Stack at the LA School of Comedy in Los Angeles, working through jokes while a comedy coach and classmates cheer him on and offer...

Prominent PA politician expected to make a big announcement today

01.23.20 | Brandon Dickson

State House Speaker Mike Turzai will hold a news conference today in the Pittsburgh area amid speculation that he'll leave the powerful office after five years. The expectation is that the 60-year-old will announce he's leaving office, or not...

PA House has passed bill package aimed at stopping human trafficking

01.23.20 | Brandon Dickson

Republican House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler says the measures increase the penalties for human trafficking and provide more resources for victims of the crime. The set of measures now heads to the state Senate in Harrisburg.

A commonwealth church has paid the medical debt of 1,500+ people

01.22.20 | Brandon Dickson

LCBC Church, which has 15 locations throughout the state, has eliminated $2.5 million in medical bills for 1,546 Pennsylvanians. Pastor Jason Mitchell says he and his congregation are honored to help relieve some of the stress that comes from...

Access to dental care varies in Pennsylvania based on where you live

01.22.20 | Terry Diener

Researchers in the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health at Penn State found that urban rates of dentist supply are nearly twice that of rural rates, and that inequalities exist between areas of higher socioeconomic status and those of lower...

Pennsylvania House members tackle human trafficking this week

01.21.20 | Brandon Dickson

State House representatives are expected to vote on a number of bills to combat the international issue. State Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill says one way to end the "egregious industry" is to switch off demand. In 2018, 275 human trafficking...

PA Rep. Metcalfe ramps up effort to keep Gov. Wolf from joining climate pact

01.21.20 | Terry Diener

Daryl Metcalfe, a Republican, is the chairman of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee. In a letter to the executive director of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Metcalfe said that any decision concerning...

Remembering a reverend and civil rights activist

01.20.20 | Brandon Dickson

Today, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and folks around the country will be honoring his legacy. In Albany, there will be a memorial observance in the Hart Theater located at the Empire State Plaza. In Scranton, a community dinner will be held...

Following through on a plan to close a Pennsylvania prison

01.20.20 | Brandon Dickson

Governor wolf says he's shutting down Retreat Prison just west of Wilkes-Barre. The controversial cost-cutting step comes amid a declining inmate population and rising prison costs. Retreat has about 400 employees and about 940 inmates. The...

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