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Le Roy Mystery Illness Becomes National Fascination

02.10.12 | Jeremy Miller

The mystery illness in Le Roy, New York is getting prime time attention. The television show, 'The Doctors' has now featured the puzzling medical condition. 16-year-old Alicia Nicholson, the first Le Roy High School student to show symptoms, ...

NY Marcellus Shale Drilling Decision Expected This Spring

02.09.12 | Sarah Harnisch, Jeremy Miller

Governor Cuomo told the press Wednesday that the decision on whether or not to drill the Marcellus Shale is "a couple months away". His remarks were consistant with those made Tuesday by DEC Commissioner Joe Martens, who told a panel of lawmakers ...

Pennsylvanians Save...A Little. New Yorkers Do Not.

02.06.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Pennsylvanians aren't doing too poorly when it comes to saving. The state ranked 14th nationally for how much cash its residents have in savings accounts. New Yorkers came in 27th place, with a grade of "C". A nonprofit group put out their "Assets ...

Wegman's Issues Massive Recall

02.03.12 | Jeremy Miller

Hard-Cooked Egg Products Found To Be Contaminated

When Is Winter Coming?!?

02.01.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Whatever happened to the winter of 2012? At 7 a.m. this morning, Swoyersville, Pennsylvania was 51 degrees. It was 51 in Tamaqua and Lewisburg, and 50 degrees in Wayland, New York. In fact, 2,890 daily or record highs have been broken or tied ...

Program Allows Homeowners To Slowly Pay For Energy Improvements

01.31.12 | Sarah Harnisch

A new program in New York state will allow homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient and pay off their utility bills at the same time. The "On-Bill" recovery program will allow all single family homeowners to make energy improvements and ...

Chuck Schumer Proposes Federal Bill To Combat Drugged Driving

01.30.12 | Sarah Harnisch

You have heard about driving drunk. But what about--- driving drugged? Senator Charles Schumer is proposing federal grants be used for research and to train police to identify the rising number of drivers operating under the influence of drugs. ...

2 Days Left To Vote: Hammondsport NY Comes In Second In National Contest

01.30.12 | Sarah Harnisch

 The tiny town of Hammondsport, NY is vying for a travel magazine's "Coolest Small Town" in America award. Budget Travel ranks the city 2nd place in the nation, even beating out towns in Hawaii. If they win, they'll be featured on the cover ...

Gay Marriage Isn't Raising Significant Cash For NY

01.27.12 | Bob Price, Sarah Harnisch

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo once said gay marriage would open the flood gates to economic prosperity in the Empire State. But as it turns out, that's not the case. When gay marriage became law July 24th, Governor Cuomo promised over a hundred ...

Is Gay Marriage "paying off" in New York?

01.26.12 | Bob Price

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo once said gay marriage would open the flood gates to economic prosperity in the Empire State. But it turns out, that's not the case

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