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5 Year-Old Murdered in Niagara Falls

08.28.12 | Bob Price

Two teenagers charged in connection with the death of a 5-year-old New York girl whose body was dumped in a trash can are expected to make their first court appearance since their arrests.

Anti-Frackers Rally in Albany

08.28.12 | Bob Price

About a thousand people opposed to shale gas drilling in the Empire State rallied at the State Capital Monday.

Attendance Down at NYS Fair

08.27.12 | Bob Price

Compared to this time last year, 47,000 fewer people have been to the New York State Fair.

Schumer Warns of New Back to School Danger

08.27.12 | Bob Price

New York Senator Charles Schumer is warning back to school shoppers about dangerous items on the shelves.

Wegman's Freezing Prices on Food

08.24.12 | Bob Price

Wegman's is stepping up to help out families struggling to afford groceries. In response to recent reports that the record drought will cause a spike on staple products this winter, the grocery chain is freezing prices on a variety of foods for ...

New Report Details 600 Incidents Of Hostility Toward Christians In America

08.23.12 | Sarah Harnisch

A new 140-page report by the Family Research Counsel and Liberty Institute reveals a pattern of hostility toward Christians in the United States. The report details over 600 incidents spanning a ten-year period. The attacks range from an elementary ...

Survivor Says Confusion Let To The Deaths of 3 In Bolivar, NY Fire

08.22.12 |

We are learning more about the fire in Bolivar that took the lives of a grandmother and 2 of her grandkids. Firefighters are still trying to figure out the cause of the blaze, but they say they arrived on the scene 12 minutes after the 9-1-1 call ...

Rochester's Two Hospitals Showcase New Heart Surgery

08.22.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Heart specialists at 2 major hospitals have teamed up in upstate New York to showcase a brand new heart surgery. Doctors at the University of Rochester Medical Center and Rochester General Hospital say this technique will help heart patients who ...

97% Of Kids Say They Have Access To Drugs and Alcohol At School

08.22.12 | Sarah Harnisch

As your kids head back to school in New York and Pennsylvania, you may be surprised at how many carry something a little extra in their backpack: drugs and alcohol. There's a new teen survey from the substance abuse and addiction center at Columbia ...

New York May Be Poised To Announce Hydrofracking Decision

08.21.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The wait may soon be over. A decision on whether or not to allow hydrofracking in New York state could come just after Labor Day. Dan Fitzsimmons is President of the New York State Landowner's coalition, one of the largest groups in the state that ...

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