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President Obama Renominates Bernanke as Fed Chief

08.25.09 | FL News Team

Meanwhile, Senator Chuck Grassley is warning about hyperinflation.

Researchers Say Multitaskers Not Good at Multitasking

08.25.09 | Bob Price

It's not clear if multitaskers are mentally disorganized to begin with.

One Out Of Every Four Music Sales Is An iTune

08.21.09 | FL News Team

That's not just digital recordings.

GM To Provide "Cash For Clunkers" Advances To Dealers

08.20.09 | FL News Team

Meanwhile, New York dealerships threaten to junk the program.

Attorney General Deeply Disappointed Over Lockerbie Bomber's Release

08.20.09 | FL News Team

Holder said there was "simply no justification" for the release.

Government Wants Information On Thousands Of Accounts

08.19.09 | FL News Team

Washington had accused UBS of helping wealthy Americans hide assets for the purpose of evading taxes.

"60 Minutes" Creator Don Hewitt Passes Away

08.19.09 | FL News Team

He stepped down from his duties at the weekly news magazine show in 2004.

Report: AARP Loses Tens Of Thousands Of Members

08.18.09 | FL News Team

AARP claims 40-million members.

Study: Binge Drinking Common Among Older People

08.17.09 | FL News Team

The study appears in the latest "American Journal of Psychiatry."

Church Debates Allowing Actively Gay Clergy

08.17.09 | FL News Team

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America kicks off a national convention in Minneapolis.

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