List by Author: Terry Diener

PA state lawmakers are taking notice of skilled-worker shortage

08.28.19 | Terry Diener

The National Federation of Independent Businesses said in mid-August – the commonwealth needs more skilled workers, especially truck drivers, nurses, and health care workers. Members of the House Majority Policy Committee toured some...

Penn State ups the game with a new way to watch the weather

08.26.19 | Terry Diener

The Pennsylvania Mesonet — short for mesoscale network — will eventually comprise 20 weather stations designed to collect data on smaller-scale weather phenomena. Data loggers on each tower will send the information to a server at...

Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro says coalition reaches agreement to end robocalls

08.23.19 | Terry Diener

The 12 phone companies have agreed to adopt eight principles targeted at improving prevention and enforcement of illegal robocalls. Among them: offering some form of call blocking services for all types of telephone customers at no cost to the...

Rules "policing possession" of marijuana just gotten tougher in Pennsylvania

07.29.19 | Terry Diener

So far, Pennsylvania’s legal cannabis options haven’t interfered with prosecuting cases of illegal marijuana possession. A Pennsylvania State Police spokesman said it’s too early to say whether police procedures will change in...

Hot now? Wait a few decades

07.19.19 | Terry Diener

The Union of Concerned Scientists, an advocacy group that's warning about the dangers of climate-change, says Pennsylvania will experience an average of 40 days a year with a heat index above 90 degrees by 2050, compared to an average of just...

Court rules lawmakers did not violate PA constitution with failure to pass budget

07.16.19 | Terry Diener

The ruling from the Commonwealth Court comes after a trio of individuals filed a suit in 2017 claiming the Wolf administration used a line of credit from the state treasury to balance a budget deficit.  However, the court ruled that...

Adopt-a-Highway turns 30 in Pennsylvania

07.10.19 | Terry Diener

Started in 1990, the program currently has over 4,900 participating groups, more than 100,000 volunteers, and over 10,000 miles of adopted state-maintained roadways. The savings generated by these programs – over $5 million annually that...

Parents across PA push for equal custody in cases of parental separation

07.09.19 | Terry Diener

House Bill 1397 would require any judge issuing a ruling other than a 50-50 custody arrangement to have a compelling reason for doing so — including evidence of abuse or neglect against one party. Many have dubbed this fight the...

Plan would freeze some Keystone State seniors' school district property taxes

07.08.19 | Terry Diener

The proposal, introduced as House Bill 1675, now includes the support of 20 Democrats and three Republicans. Sponsors of the measure cited U.S. Census statistics, pointing out 17,000 Pennsylvania seniors bring in no income each month. An...

The great Independence Day getaway is underway" in PA

07.02.19 | Terry Diener

Governor Wolf has signed a $23 million Pennsylvania Farm Bill. It's designed to save the agriculture industry from financial ruin. Wolf added it's imperative Pennsylvania farmers are protected. Agriculture is the top industry in the commonwealth.

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