List by Author: Terry Diener

Recovery efforts related to summer flooding continue in PA

10.16.18 | Terry Diener

PennDOT expects to open bids for 20 more flood projects by the end of November of this year. More than 400 roads in the district were damaged during flood events since July. To date, damages total about $57 million. There currently are 15 roads...

PA prisons see positive results from mail and visitor policy changes

10.08.18 | Terry Diener

The agency says cases of suspected staff exposure have plummeted since September 6th, when new policies were announced. There had been more than 50 instances in the prior month, but only eight since the start of September.

PA Senate passes work zone camera bill

10.03.18 | Terry Diener

The measure cleared its last hurdle with overwhelming support in the Senate. It permits automated speed enforcement cameras in work zones on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, interstates, and other "federal aid" highways such as Routes 22/322 or 11/15...

Group in PA urges state lawmakers to speed up funding to replace voting machines

09.26.18 | Terry Diener

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Pennsylvania’s Election Security released interim recommendations and said the estimated $125 million to replace all machines statewide was “a relative bargain.” The administration of Governor Tom...

PA lawmakers are close to allowing cameras in highway work zones

09.25.18 | Terry Diener

Supporters say the system is needed in response to a steady rise in construction zone accidents, with the uptick in injuries involving both construction workers and motorists. The aim is to record license plates of speeding vehicles and generate...

PA lawmakers return to the capitol after months of recess

09.24.18 | Terry Diener

The state House has just nine voting days scheduled before recessing for good in November, and the Senate has ten. Once those sessions end the session, all bills have to start from scratch. In the House, one of the most likely bills to move is...

FInance prof says PA's public pensions are paying higher equity fees than reported

09.21.18 | Terry Diener

A Professor from the University of Oxford delivered testimony to a panel created by a 2017 state law to recommend ways to lower those fees. He says the systems reported paying $2.2 billion over the last 10 years. He estimates they actually paid...

State police in Pennsylvania will increase school patrols

09.19.18 | Terry Diener

Governor Tom Wolf’s administration made the announcement, citing findings from a school safety task force set up in the wake of February’s high school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Wolf’s administration says school officials...

Gov. Wolf says PA has received over $5 million for opioid crisis emergency response

09.18.18 | Terry Diener

Wolf says much of this funding will be used to strengthen the state’s data collection and analysis, which will help as state officials engage with local municipalities to address the opioid crisis. Back in January, the Governor signed the...

Gov. Wolf signs order to prepare for accurate 2020 census

09.17.18 | Terry Diener

The governor will appoint up to 45 members to the new census Complete Count Commission. It will help the U.S. Census Bureau recruit census workers across Pennsylvania, educate the public about the importance of the census, develop partnerships...

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