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Bill for Landowner's Rights Approved in PA Senate

04.11.14 | Terry Diener

PA Senator Pushes for Public Funding Bill

04.07.14 | Terry Diener

A Pennsylvania senator is calling for a program that would provide public money to state political candidates to fund their election campaigns.State Sen. Daylin Leach  said the bill would create a fund which would allow any candidate running ...

PA Gubernatorial Race Heats Up

04.07.14 | Terry Diener

Polls show the Democratic nomination race for Pennsylvania has been lead by Tom Wolf for more than a month, but that's likely to change in the six weeks left until the May 20th primary. With about half the Democratic voters undecided, Wolf is ...

NY Teacher's Union President Ousted

04.07.14 | Terry Diener

 New York's powerful statewide teacher's union has ousted its 3-term president.The union represents 600-thousand teachers. Delegate votes were taken Saturday and counted Sunday morning-- And at the end of it, Karen Magee-- The longtime head of ...

The Rules Are Changing For Teenage Drivers In Pennsylvania

10.25.11 | Sarah Harnisch, Terry Diener

A new law signed today limits the number of passengers teens can have and increases the number of practice hours required to get a license.

Tom Corbett Goes To Washington D.C.

09.21.11 | Sarah Harnisch, Terry Diener

The Pennsylvania governor is trying to garner interest in changing the way the electoral college works for presidential elections.

Most of Pennsylvania's Abortion Clinics May Have To Close

04.12.11 | Sarah Harnisch, Terry Diener

If a new bill passes...

No Cause Known In Fire That Killed 7 P.A. Children

04.01.11 | Sarah Harnisch, Terry Diener

State fire marshals combed through the burnt house, but couldn't find a cause, and closed the case Thursday.

Top Pennsylvania Lawmaker Wants All Suspects DNA Tested

03.16.11 | Terry Diener

But he wants it done before they are convicted of the crime.

P.A. County Writes Wills For Those Who Put Their Life On The Line

01.27.11 | Sarah Harnisch, Terry Diener

County says only 20 percent of firefighters, police, and emergency responders have a will.

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