List by Author: Jeremy Miller

Does Pension Reform Help NY Municipalities?

03.16.12 | Jeremy Miller

Local Mayor Says "Tier Six" Plan Does Too Little

Survey: Mormons Tithe More Than Christians

03.16.12 | Jeremy Miller

Mormon Church Continues Exponential Growth

Should Penn State Rename Beaver Stadium?

03.16.12 | Jeremy Miller

Honoring JoePa Gaining Support

Community Cares For Unwanted Child

03.13.12 | Jeremy Miller

Little Adam Was Born Deformed, Unwanted by Birth Parents

Christian Actor Calls Homosexuality "Destructive"

03.06.12 | Jeremy Miller

Kirk Cameron Speaks Out Against Gay Agenda

British Doctors Perform "Sex-Selection" Abortions

03.06.12 | Jeremy Miller

Controversial, Illegal Practice Spreads

Obama Administration Looks To Discard "Snowflake Babies"

03.06.12 | Jeremy Miller

Program Prevents Discarding Frozen Embryos

Is Governor Cuomo Fixing NY Schools?

03.06.12 | Jeremy Miller

New Yorkers Split Over Governor's Performance

Christians Kick Off 30 Hour Famine Event

02.24.12 | Jeremy Miller

Fasting to Benefit Hungry Children

Feds Investigate Penn State

02.24.12 | Jeremy Miller

Information of Officials Connected to Scandal Subpoenaed

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