List by Author: Jeremy Miller

An effort to raise the salary of NY state lawmakers has been rejected

11.15.16 | Jeremy Miller

The legislature in Albany has not had a raise since 1999, but still make the third-highest legislative salary in the country.Lawmakers now make $79,500 a year for part-time work. Lawmakers could call a lame-duck session to vote on a pay raise...

Senator Chuck Schumer says wireless emergency alerts that go out across the state should come with photos

09.26.16 | Jeremy Miller

Schumer is upset, saying the emergency message sent last week didn't have enough information.He wants the FCC to upgrade the nation's wireless emergency alert system because he says it's outdated. The current system is only capable of sending...

Members of an Oneida County church where a teenager was beaten to death are now suing the town

08.31.16 | Jeremy Miller

19 year-old Lucas Leonard and his brother Christopher were brutally beaten inside the Word of Life Church in New Hartford last October.  Lucas later dies from his injuries.  The nine members who police say were involved, have been...