List by Author: Jeremy Miller

Jobless New Yorkers Take Another Hit

12.07.11 | Jeremy Miller

Unemployment Benefits To Run Out By New Year

Language And Content Run Afoul

11.23.11 | Jeremy Miller

Is Foul Language Becoming Socially Acceptable In America?

To Veterans: Thank You

11.11.11 | Jeremy Miller

A History of Armistice Day

Holiday Help, Hope For The Year

11.11.11 | Jeremy Miller

Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign

Does Church Service Bring Optimism?

11.10.11 | Jeremy Miller

Study: Churchgoers Have Sunnier Disposition

Why is Linus Jumping For Joy?

11.10.11 | Jeremy Miller

The Blanket Joins The Toy Hall of Fame

Survey: Democrats Are Less Religious

11.09.11 | Jeremy Miller

Most Democrats Do Not Attend Service

Does the President's Religion Matter?

11.08.11 | Jeremy Miller

Would A Candidate's Faith Influence Your Vote?

Are We Over-medicating Our Kids?

11.08.11 | Jeremy Miller

Study: Antibiotics Prescribed Too Frequently

Threat Against President Obama?

11.01.11 | Jeremy Miller

Poster Depicts "Obama Zombie"