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Fed Suggests It's Prepared To Act On Sluggish Economic Growth

09.21.10 | FL News Team

Benchmark interest rate remains unchanged.

Mike Pence Winner of Straw Poll For Possible GOP Presidential Candidates

09.20.10 | FL News Team

Conducted at Values Voter Summit.

NY Lieutenant Governor Calls For Medicaid Overhaul

09.20.10 | FL News Team

Accounts for a third of the money the state spends every year.

Israel Expected To Be Pushed Into Global Anti-Nuclear Arms Pact

09.20.10 | FL News Team

Washington officials warn against singling out Israel.

Study: Virus Linked To Weight Gain In Children

09.20.10 | FL News Team

Makes fat cells grow and multiply much faster than normal.

IHOP Pancakes Sues IHOP Prayer

09.17.10 | FL News Team

Only room for one...

GM: Repaying Government Bailout Could Take Years

09.17.10 | FL News Team

Government left with nearly 61-percent stake in the company.

Drilling Of BP Relief Well Complete

09.17.10 | FL News Team

BP now moves to "bottom kill" phase.

World Bank Says Palestinians Able To Establish Statehood

09.17.10 | FL News Team

40-million dollar grant for budget support found for Palestinian Authority.

Pope Benedict In Scotland

09.16.10 | FL News Team

Warned against "aggressive forms of secularism."

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