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Gates Warns Congress About Steep Defense Cuts

02.16.11 | FL News Team

Pentagon budget calls for 553-billion dollars in spending.

China Passes Japan As World's #2 Economy

02.15.11 | FL News Team

The U.S. remains the world's largest economy.

Republicans Rip Obama Budget

02.15.11 | FL News Team

U.S. is on an "unsustainable path" according to Senator Jeff Sessions.

Dementia May Be Linked To Hearing Loss

02.15.11 | FL News Team

Unclear why hearing loss could lead to a decline in mental function.

Scientists Think Massive Planet Could Lurk Far Beyond Pluto

02.15.11 | FL News Team

The possible planet already has a name.

Apple Stock Takes Mysterious Tumble

02.11.11 | FL News Team

Wall Streeters say there was no news to cause the drop.

Speaker: Lee Made Right Decision To Resign

02.11.11 | FL News Team

Boehner was asked if Republican leaders pressured Lee to resign.

Metrodome To Get New Roof

02.11.11 | FL News Team

The original covering collapse.

Former Governor Cuomo To Mediate Dispute

02.11.11 | FL News Team

The fight is between the Mets and Bernie Madoff victims.

Patriot Act Extension Fails In The House

02.09.11 | FL News Team

Fell short by seven votes.

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