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Signal change in Binghamton

06.15.14 | Darcie Schwarz

Listen now at 102.9 FM

Upgrade to 94.7 FM

05.01.14 | Darcie Schwarz

More people and homes reached in Rochester, NY

New online music stream

09.02.13 | Darcie Schwarz

"Adoration" launches on

Women of Faith

08.06.13 | Darcie Schwarz

Why go? There are more reasons than one

Listener Advisory Panel

07.19.13 | Darcie Schwarz

Give feedback on the music we play on the radio


06.10.13 | Darcie Schwarz

Summer camp adventure for kids ages 7-13

Super Summer

05.28.13 | Darcie Schwarz

Mobilizing teen leaders for the Gospel this July 1-5

Summer Youtheatre Workshops

05.23.13 | Darcie Schwarz

The Prodigal Clown!

Tee-off with Family Life

04.29.13 | Darcie Schwarz

Golf Classic is June 8. Sign-up your team!

The Healing Journey

04.25.13 | Darcie Schwarz

Boot Camp for class facilitators May 17-20