List by Author: Brandon Dickson

A drug raid in Blair County, PA has led to 31 arrests

01.22.18 | Brandon Dickson

The bust by the attorney general's office and the county drug task force is the sixth major drug sweep in Blair County since Josh Shapiro took office a year ago. Nearly 200 dealers have been arrested during that time.

Lawmaker promotes plan to lower the NY's legal blood-alcohol limit

01.22.18 | Brandon Dickson

Democratic Assemblyman Felix Ortiz has announced the reintroduction of his bill to change the threshold from .08 to .05. All states have 0.08 thresholds, but Ortiz cited a recent report, which concluded that lowering the limit to .05 could save...

Over 1600 NYers hospitalized this past week for the flu

01.19.18 | Brandon Dickson

It's the highest weekly number on record. The drastic rise in the virus has prompted Governor Cuomo to urge everyone in the state over six months old to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Influenza cases rose by 54% over the last seven days...

Officers identify shooter of slain U.S. Marshal

01.19.18 | Brandon Dickson

31-Year-old Kevin Sturgis was killed by return fire, after fatally shooting a U.S. Marshal serving a warrant in Harrisburg Thursday morning. The slain marshal was 45-year-old Christopher David Hill, an 11-year veteran of the agency. Officers...

Lake Erie is almost 100% frozen-over

01.19.18 | Brandon Dickson

Steve Vermett, professor of geography at Buff State, says the lake is now about 94% frozen over. He notes that when a lake is totally frozen, the lake-effect "machine" is shut down. Vermette claims the extreme cold this year is atypical of the...

Cuomo has halted a pilot program at NY prisons

01.18.18 | Brandon Dickson

The rules of the pilot program made families of inmates buy items from pre-approved state vendors instead of sending care packages of their own into the prisons. Andrew Cuomo put an immediate stop to the program after outcries from prison...

Lawyer for Kane says special prosecutor had too much power

01.18.18 | Brandon Dickson

The attorney for former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen told a panel of appeals judges this week that the decision to give the special prosecutor grand jury authority violated rules about separation of powers. A prosecutor countered by...

PA's population shrank in 2016 while U.S. population grew

01.16.18 | Brandon Dickson

The national population rose .7% in 2016. Over 45,000 more people moved out of Pennsylvania than moved in in 2016.  According to a new USA Today report, that's the largest domestic outflow of any state other than New York, New Jersey...

The feds have awarded over $200 million to the Empire State to fight homelessness

01.15.18 | Brandon Dickson

The money will be distributed to 579 programs in New York and it'll be used to support affordable housing projects.

Many are doing service projects to honor Dr. King's legacy

01.15.18 | Brandon Dickson

Events are planned throughout the day in New York and Pennsylvania. Governor Wolf will attend the 43rd annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Banquet tonight in State College. The banquet will feature an evening of entertainment...