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The NY AG's office has filed a lawsuit against the Donald J Trump foundation

06.15.18 | Brandon Dickson

The suit accuses the charity and the Trump family of violating campaign finance laws, self-dealing, and illegal coordination with the presidential campaign. AG Barbara Underwood says Trump repeatedly "misused the nonprofit" and the suit asks a...

Molinaro says Cuomo violated a ban on political activities at public schools

06.15.18 | Brandon Dickson

Republican New York gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro filed formal complaints against Cuomo Thursday. Cuomo held several events at local schools this week in support of a bill allowing teachers and parents to ask a judge to confiscate...

The NWS says 2 tornadoes in Pennsylvania were classified as EF-2

06.15.18 | Brandon Dickson

Governor Wolf says that means high winds hit the commonwealth during Wednesday's storm. The tornadoes ravaged Bradford County and Wilkes-Barre where the governor visited a severely damaged shopping center. Dozens of homes and businesses...

A proposal to make it easier to prosecute human trafficking is winning approval in the NY assembly

06.14.18 | Brandon Dickson

The bill would eliminate a legal hurdle that makes prosecutors call victims to the stand, forcing them to re-live their trauma in front of strangers. The Assembly passed the measure Wednesday. Similar bills have already passed the state Senate.

'Not guilty' verdict for Schuylkill Co. man in overdose death

06.13.18 | Brandon Dickson

The jury acquitted Kyle Menander last night in the death of a woman two years ago. The victim's father was outraged. Two other people have been charged in the investigation, but their cases have not gone to trial.

Civil rights leader Dorothy Cotton has died in Ithaca, NY

06.13.18 | Brandon Dickson

Cotton, who was a confidante to Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., died at a retirement community on June 10th. She had just turned 88 on June 9th.  

Gov. Cuomo launches campaign to pass the first in the nation 'red flag' gun legislation

06.12.18 | Brandon Dickson

It would ban people, determined by a court likely to engage in conduct that would post a risk of harm to themselves or others, from purchasing, possessing, or attempting to purchase a firearm in New York state.

A former alcoholic is now inspiring others as he cycles across the U.S. twice

06.11.18 | Brandon Dickson

Jim Boone and his wife are raising awareness about addiction and spreading the gospel. He talked with Family Life News as he made a stop in Frackville, Pennsylvania over the weekend. Jim hopes to complete the trek by Thanksgiving, while...

An upstate NY man who traveled to join ISIS could face 15-years in prison

06.11.18 | Brandon Dickson

Arafat Nagi faces sentencing today in federal court in Buffalo, where he pleaded guilty in January to attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization. Prosecutors say the 47-year-old Lackawanna man traveled to Turkey in 2012...

PA's Scott Wagner says he's resigning from his Senate seat

05.31.18 | Brandon Dickson

Senator Scott Wagner says he'll leave Monday, so he can focus his attention on the governor's race. The Republican submitted his resignation letter Wednesday to Senate President Joe Scarnati.

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