List by Author: Bob Price

PA High Court Readies for Redistricting Fight

01.05.12 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania's highest court is making plans to hear appeals on the 2012 legislative redistricting plan.

Titanic Items go to Auction

01.05.12 | Bob Price

Several items recovered from the Titanic will be auctioned off in a couple months

Four Birthdays, Four Generations

01.04.12 | Bob Price

January Fourth is a special day for one Ohio Family

President Obama Names New Consumer Watchdog

01.04.12 | Bob Price

Obama names a new czar, fiscal czar

Fat Hormone may Cause Dementia

01.04.12 | Bob Price

Could a fat hormone be responsible for Alzheimer's ??

New York Closing More Prisons

01.03.12 | Bob Price

More prisons are shutting down in the Empire State

Cuomo Set to Deliver State of the State

01.03.12 | Bob Price

Governor Cuomo gives his State of the State speech in Albany on Wednesday

Farming is Popular Again

12.21.11 | Bob Price

More young people are expressing an interest in agricultural careers

Bird Flu Scare

12.21.11 | Bob Price

Federal biosecurity experts are urging two scientific journals to refrain from publishing details about a man-made version of bird flu.

Former P.A. Senator Rick Santorum Could Be The Next Mike Huckabee

12.21.11 | Bob Price, Sarah Harnisch

Experts are predicting he has the possibility of taking the Iowa caucuses January 3rd.

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