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Bias Against Long-Term Unemployed

03.23.12 | Bob Price

More than a dozen states are considering legislation that would forbid employers from refusing to hire workers just because they've been unemployed for months or years.

US intel : Water a Cause for War in Coming Decades

03.22.12 | Bob Price

Drought, floods and a lack of fresh water may cause significant global instability and conflict in the coming decades, as developing countries scramble to meet demand from exploding populations while dealing with the effects of climate change, U.S. ...

NC, SC state line isn't where folks thought it was

03.22.12 | Bob Price

Relatively small errors by surveyors using stakes, hatchets and mental arithmetic 240 years ago could mean the end of Victor Boulware's tiny convenience store.

Obama Defends handling of Keystone Pipeline

03.22.12 | Bob Price

President Barack Obama firmly defended his record on oil drilling Thursday, ordering the government to fast-track an Oklahoma pipeline while accusing Congress of playing politics with a larger Canada-to-Gulf Coast project.

Radio Campaign next step against Rush Limbaugh

03.22.12 | Bob Price

Rush Limbaugh’s opponents are starting a radio campaign against him Thursday, seizing upon the radio star’s attack of a Georgetown law student as a “slut” to make a long-term effort aimed at weakening his business.

200 Interviewed in Penn State Investigation

03.21.12 | Bob Price

Former FBI chief Louis Freeh and his investigators have conducted 200 interviews in their extensive probe of the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State, asking questions that go beyond the charges against retired assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and ...

Tebow Traded to Jets

03.21.12 | Bob Price

It's Tebow Time on Broadway. The New York Jets acquired Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos on Wednesday, bringing the polarizing quarterback to a team that just recently gave starter Mark Sanchez a three-year contract extension.

Death Penalty for Staff Sgt. Bales ??? ...Not Likely

03.21.12 | Bob Price

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says the death penalty is possible if a U.S. military court finds an Army staff sergeant guilty of gunning down Afghan children and family members. But it isn't likely.

Dollars and Endorsements shifting to Romney

03.21.12 | Bob Price

Fresh off a decisive victory in Illinois, Mitt Romney won critical establishment support Wednesday from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as he looks to unite the Republican Party behind his candidacy. Romney said he's "almost there" after ...

Deals Reached on Major NYS Issues

03.15.12 | Bob Price

New York would see up to seven Las Vegas-style casinos, a doubled DNA database to fight crime and free innocent people, and a less cushy pension for future public workers under deals struck behind closed doors Wednesday.

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