List by Author: Bob Price

A recount court day has been set in Pennsylvania

11.30.16 | Bob Price

A hearing will happen Monday morning, December 5th in Harrisburg to consider an election challenge from third party candidate Dr. Jill Stein. She says electronic voting machines could have been manipulated by malware. Pennsylvania Congressman...

A battle is brewing in western NY over plans to build wind turbines that could be among the tallest in America

11.28.16 | Bob Price

The Virginia-based energy company Apex wants to erect 70 turbines some 600 feet above the scenic shores of Lake Ontario east of Niagara Falls. Wildlife groups are concerned the towering turbines could disrupt a major flyway for migrating birds...

PA Congressman Lou Barletta may be in line for a post in the Trump administration

11.28.16 | Bob Price

The 11th District Republican Representative is meeting today with the President-Elect. Barletta, the former mayor of Hazelton, currently sits on the House Homeland Security and Transportation committees. He is rumored to be the "odds on...

There has been another fatal hunting accident in New York

11.28.16 | Bob Price

A woman, hunting with a group of friends, was fatally shot in the stomach on Sunday afternoon in Caledonia. Livingston County Sheriff Tom Dougherty welcomes hunting, but says he' does not want to see people get hurt.     The...

It's the opening day of deer season today in Pennsylvania

11.28.16 | Bob Price

More than 9,000 sportsmen are expected to take part in the two-week hunt which ends December 10th. Last year, 27% of the total deer harvest and nearly 50% of the buck harvest came on the opening day of Rifle Season.

SUNY SHORTAGE: Teaching programs plummet

11.25.16 | Bob Price

Teaching programs throughout the State University of New York system have experienced roughly a 40 percent decline in enrollment over the past five years, records show. Education officials attributed the decline to an increase in standardized...

Seven Left Homeless after Thanksgiving Day Fire

11.25.16 | Bob Price

Smoke could be seen pouring from a building in Freeland Thursday evening. The fire at the home on the 600 Block of Hemlock Street in Freeland Street is currently under investigation. Officials say the seven people who lived in the house were...

Maverick Democrat Jim Burn to challenge Gov. Wolf?

11.25.16 | Bob Price

As Pennsylvania Democrats grapple with the aftermath of the Nov. 8 election, leaders can expect criticism from a familiar source: former state Democratic chair Jim Burn, who says he’s weighing a challenge to Gov. Tom Wolf in the Democratic...

Fire tears through onion-packing plant; no one is injured

11.25.16 | Bob Price

An onion-packing plant in western New York has been ravaged by a fire. No one was injured in the fire Thursday morning at Big O Farms in Elba, about 50 miles east of Niagara Falls. Genesee (JEN'-uh-see) County Emergency Services coordinator Tim...

1 Dead, 2 Injured in Jamestown Shooting

11.25.16 | Bob Price

One man is dead and at least two others wounded following a shooting in Jamestown early Thursday morning.  "We're currently investigating a homicide that occured in front of 129 South Main Street, about 4 AM this morning," said Jamestown...

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