List by Author: Bob Price

Republicans in the PA Senate are making another attempt to make the commonwealth a 'right to work' state

02.01.17 | Bob Price

The want to end the ability of public-sector labor unions to collect dues that go to fund liberal political causes. To become law, the matter must be approved by the state legislature and the voters in a statewide referendum.

Police across NY and PA are warning about a new bogus robo-call designed to rip you off

02.01.17 | Bob Price

If the caller asks "Can you hear me o.k.?" do not answer.  Just end the call. Authorities say the recording is being used for identity theft purposes.  If you say "yes" you could be in for a world of trouble.

Cornell University in Ithaca has just received the largest gift in school history

02.01.17 | Bob Price

SC Johnson Foundation has given a $150 million donation. The pharmaceutical giant's CEO, Fisk Johnson, is a graduate of the ivy league school.          The newly-named SC Johnson College of...

Attorneys general from 16 states have sent a letter to the president, calling the immigration order unconstitutional

01.30.17 | Bob Price

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has launched a hotline to assist detainees and is offering legal assistance to any migrant affected by the president's actions. Pennsylvania's attorney general was also involved in sending the letter.

Two PA senators have introduced legislation calling for a state constitutional amendment

01.30.17 | Bob Price

They want to expand property tax exemptions for disabled veterans. Under the proposal, veterans with at least a 50% disability would be exempt from paying part of their property taxes, Currently,  vets must be 100% disabled to receive an...

Sunday was 'Random Acts of Kindness' Day in Binghamton, NY

01.30.17 | Bob Price

Kate McKan and her friends have been doing this every January 29th the past five years. It's to honor McKan's infant son, Mason, who died of SIDS in 2012.  She's says having something to look forward to helps in the healing...

PA Gov. Tom Wolf will today propose the consolidation of four state agencies into one department

01.30.17 | Bob Price

He wants the departments of human services, health, aging and drug and alcohol prevention to become one new state agency. The consolidation will result in major job cuts, but save the state money. The new unified agency would be called the...

Fewer high schools in NY are facing fiscal stress

01.27.17 | Bob Price

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli says less than 10% of the 700 districts in the state are enduring budgetary problems. School leaders are concerned however, that a late-state-budget this year would impact their ability to develop spending plans to put...

PA's grim state budget forecast is getting gloomier

01.27.17 | Bob Price

Governor Tom Wolf and the Republican-controlled legislature are facing a potential shortfall of nearly $3 billion through next summer based on new projections today by the state legislature's Independent Fiscal Office. The projected deficit is...

A high profile murder trial continues in Bath, NY

01.26.17 | Bob Price

Judge Peter Bradstreet denied a defense request yesterday to have a mistrial declared in the case against former Elmira Jackals hockey player Thomas Clayton. Prosecutors say he hired an Elmira man to kill his wife Kelly in their Corning-area...

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