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NY Senate plans to vote today to repeal ban on contractural surrogacy

06.11.19 | Bob Price

In contractual surrogacy, a woman is compensated for carrying a baby for its parents. Jason McGuire is with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms says, "there is increasing movement to completely deny that there is a biological connection and...

Time is running out on the 2019 legislative session in NY

06.07.19 | Bob Price

Sanctity of human life issues have dominated this year's agenda in Albany. Christian watchdog Jason McGuire says ground was gained and lost on the pro-life front. Lawmakers will adjourn for summer in less than two weeks. McGuire says the...

Minimum wage will be the key sticking point in PA budget negotiations

06.07.19 | Bob Price

Governor Wolf wants to raise the wage to "15 dollars an hour" over five years. Critics wonder what that will do to summer employment opportunities for teens. Pennsylvania's minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour.  That's the lowest...

The debate in NY continues over driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

06.06.19 | Bob Price

Republicans in the state Senate are reiterating their opposition to a bill that would extend access to driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants living in the Empire State. Minority leader John Flanagan notes many of the immigrants are here...

Seattle Mariners draft HS pitcher from Horseheads, NY

06.05.19 | Bob Price

Mike Lemoncelli went in the 6th round of this week's MLB draft. He recently underwent "Tommy John" surgery to repair a torn ligament in his pitching arm. His dad and coach, Jeff Lemoncelli says the hard-throwing "righty" was in his hospital bed...

Swamped NY communities blame IJC for water woes

05.29.19 | Bob Price

Hamlin, New York resident Doug Jones says, (the IJC) "could have lowered the lake level starting in October." His home, like hundreds of others , is suffering severe flood damage from the rising water. Lake Ontario is expected to pass historic...

Ruling against a NY Christian adoption agency raises religious rights concerns

05.24.19 | Bob Price

Jason McGuire with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms says the national effort called "The Equality Act" is another factor working against Christians in the public square. The New York case against New Hope Family Services may ultimately...

Allegheny Co., PA may ban counseling for teens seeking sexual orientation help

05.24.19 | Bob Price

Michael Geer at the Pennsylvania Family Institute says the move would impact pastors as well as licensed therapists and counselors. Geer calls the so-called gay conversion therapy ban an infringement on free speech rights.  

Pennsylvania politicians aim to perpetuate farms

05.24.19 | Bob Price

These are tough times for dairy farmers and Pennsylvania politicians hope a 24 million dollar farm bill will help save the agriculture industry. The farm bill invests in local dairy operations to expand markets for cheese. Last year...

Leader of NY Assembly predicts rec. pot will be legalized before summer recess

05.17.19 | Bob Price

Democrat Crystal Peoples-Stokes says the only issue to resolve is how to "tax pot." Pro-family groups worry about the impact recreational weed will have on the opioid epidemic. Law enforcement officials say if pot is made permissible, public...

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