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A NY teen has pled guilty to setting a fire last summer that killed his friend

03.17.17 | Bob Price

The fire claimed the life of his friend, 14 year-old Joseph Phillips. The admitted arsonist will spend as little as 18 months in a juvenile detention facility, or get no jail time at all. The fire at a tire recycling plant in Lockport caused...

A pro-life non profit is suing PA's auditor general over a financial audit

03.17.17 | Bob Price

Harrisburg-based Real Alternatives has asked the courts to prevent Eugene DePasquale from examining the money that it received from nearly 30 donors. DePasquale wants an investigation into how the money is being spent.

Binghamton scrambles to find places to put the snow

03.17.17 | Bob Price

The region is recovering from a three-foot snow storm.  Mountains of snow, 20 feet high, are piling up in parking lots. Broome County officials says the snow mounds are hampering visibility for motorists.    National Guard...

PA's iconic Zippo lighter factory in Bradford is laying off nearly 40 workers

03.16.17 | Bob Price

It blames the layoffs on a glut of inventory in China. Zippo employs about 500 people in the city of Bradford.

March Madness Basketball bounces into Buffalo tomorrow

03.15.17 | Bob Price

Eight teams will be competing over two days in the Queen City, including the tournament's overall top seed, Villanova. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says, "it will be a slam dunk."The games are expected to bring in $8 million in revenue to the city...

The inmate escapee from NY is back in custody after bolting from authorities last week

03.15.17 | Bob Price

The escapee from western New York fled with his handcuffs still on following a court appearance a week ago. Jacob Raynor was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon at his home in Sinclairville. He was hiding in a crawl space under his floor.

A travel ban remains in effect for a number of upstate NY counties

03.15.17 | Bob Price

There are 30 inches of snow on the ground in the city of Binghamton, the most ever for that city in a 24 hour period.Governor Cuomo has activated the National Guard to assist the Triple Cities.Broome County Executive Jason Garnar says the county...

Clarification: PA is not under a 'state of emergency'

03.14.17 | Bob Price

The commonwealth of Pennsylvania is not under a state of emergency.  Rather, Gov. Wolf declared and signed a signed a Proclamation of Disaster Emergency in anticipation of today's significant winter snowstorm.  Included in that: reduced...

A PA fire chief is telling people today to get rid of their hover-boards

03.14.17 | Bob Price

Harrisburg Chief Brian Enterline says one of those toys caused the fire that killed a three-year-old girl over the weekend.   Neighbors in that Harrisburg neighborhood still can't believe it.The Consumer Product Safety Commission says this...

A new bathroom bill has been proposed in the New York State Assembly

03.14.17 | Bob Price

It would require single-occupant restrooms be gender-neutral. The sponsor, Democrat Daniel O'Donnell, the brother of entertainer Rosie O'Donnell says it will protect the transgendered from discrimination. Pro-family groups call it an...

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