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Libous Steps Down From Leadership Post

08.06.13 | Bob Price

NYS Senator Tom Libous, who orchestrated the Republicans' return to power in 2010, is stepping down as his party's campaign chairman in the Senate while he fights cancer. The Southern Tier Republican will serve as adviser to the new Senate ...

Enrollment Down at PA State Universities

08.05.13 | Bob Price

After peaking three years ago, enrollment is down at most of pennsylvania's 14 community colleges - in some cases far more than administrators anticipated.

NY Village Tries Birth Control to Trim Deer Herd

08.05.13 | Bob Price

Grasping for a way to control the deer without hunting the animals, leaders of the village of Hastings, NY...population 7,900...have proposed an ambitious compromise to shoot them up - not with bullets but with birth control.

Rochester Students Prepare for Longer School Year

08.05.13 | Bob Price

Beginning in September, students in 40 schools in five states will embark on a school year that will be 300 hours longer than last year - the equivalent of about 50 extra days.

Sideburns Contest in Erie, PA

08.05.13 | Bob Price

A sideburns contest honoring a U.S. Navy Commodore known for his impressive facial hair is marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie.

Racing Fan File Suit Against Pocono Racetrack

08.02.13 | Bob Price

A racing fan who is a quadriplegic, and a nonprofit group, allege Pocono Raceway in northeastern Pennsylvania has failed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

PA Companies Sign Up For Health Exchanges

08.02.13 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania state insurance regulators say subsidiaries of eight companies are signaling interest in selling health care policies through the marketplace that's being set up in the state next year under 2010's sweeping federal law.

Abortion Rate Down in Rochester

08.02.13 | Bob Price

Fewer women are choosing abortion in Rochester, NY and state-wide. A leading, pro-life organization known as "CompassCare" is the main reason for the decline.

New Apple Brands Revealed in NY

08.02.13 | Bob Price

After years of development and consumer testing as “NY1” and “NY2” Cornell University and New York Apple Growers have given the hottest new apples in the Empire State names worthy of their unique assets: SnapDragon and RubyFrost.

Weight Limits Coming to 1,000 PA Bridges

08.01.13 | Bob Price

Gov. Tom Corbett's top transportation adviser is warning that about 1,000 bridges in Pennsylvania will be slapped with additional weight restrictions in the coming months as a consequence of declining funding for repairs.

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