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First Arena in Elmira, NY is skating on thin ice

02.17.17 | Bob Price

The home of the Elmira Jackals minor league hockey team is in jeopardy after the city said it will not pay for renovations to the facility.Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli says if First Arena does shut down "it's going to have a very...

The largest electric steam turbine ever transported on a flat-bed truck arrives at it's destination near Scranton

02.17.17 | Bob Price

It began it's slow journey nearly a month ago in Schenectady, New York. The massive General Electric turbine moved along at top speeds of 5 to 10 miles per hour.  Traffic detours were set up in the areas where this massive piece of...

Pro-life lawmakers in PA are trying to muster enough votes to over-ride a promised veto by the governor

02.16.17 | Bob Price

It hasn't happened in more than 25 years. The state House is close to the 2/3rds super-majority needed to over-rule Governor Wolf's striking down of Senate Bill 3.   The measure bans late-term and dismemberment abortions.   Wolf...

Upstate NY Democratic lawmakers want to spend $12 million in tax dollars to fund refugee resettlement efforts

02.16.17 | Bob Price

One lawmaker remarked, "We are a land of immigrants."Lawmakers say it'll cost $950 to re-settle each refugee.Upstate cities like Buffalo, Albany and Utica take in the vast majority of refugees who come into New York each year.

Ithaca College in upstate NY could be dealing with a faculty strike as soon as this month

02.14.17 | Bob Price

Professors have been negotiating with the college for more than a year on wage and job security issues.The union representing the Ithaca College professors says it is committed to avoiding a strike. More talks are scheduled for next week.

The company that's building a 300-mile pipeline across southern PA has gotten the greenlight to begin construction

02.14.17 | Bob Price

Sunoco received the permits yesterday from the state Department of Environmental Protection for it's Mariner 2 Pipeline. It'll transport propane and natural gas from southwestern Pennsylvania's Marcellus shale gas fields to a distribution...

Authorities continue to keep a homeschooling mom from Buffalo and her children separated

02.13.17 | Bob Price

The Buffalo School District says Kiarre Harris's kids were taken away from her due to so-called educational neglect.Harris is only allowed to see her children two hours a week with a social worker present. The college-educated, single-mom says...

Anti-smoking advocates are encouraging NY lawmakers to increase funding for tobacco cessation programs

02.13.17 | Bob Price

They argue the money will help smokers quit and discourage young people from picking up the habit. The campaign for tobacco-free kids argues New York spends far less on tobacco control than is recommended by federal authorities. Smoking...

For the third straight year, PA'S governor is proposing an extraction tax on Marcellus shale gas production

02.13.17 | Bob Price

And for the third straight year, Republican leaders in the state legislature are balking at the suggestion.Northern Tier Representative Marty Causer says gas prices are depressed, drillers are antsy, and the last thing the state needs to do is...

A state lawmaker is the first Republican to challenge Democrat Bob Casey for the U.S. Senate next year

02.10.17 | Bob Price

Representative Rick Saccone will formally declare his candidacy later this month. The 59-year-old is a former Air Force officer and was first elected to the Pennsylvania State House in 2010. Saccone is one of the Pennsylvania's most...

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