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Victory for disabled children in New York

04.28.20 | Bob Price

A Penn Yan, New York boy who was banned from going to school after a change in the state's vaccine law has just been granted re-entry. His dad says the case sets a major precedent in the fight against New York's controversial rule regarding...

Cuomo is not yet ready to close schools for the year

04.23.20 | Bob Price

Cuomo says the government will address the issue on a week-by-week basis, but it'll be necessary to have schools open to make it possible for New York's businesses to also get back to normal. The governor says schools in separate parts of the...

20 NY grocery stores will serve as antibody test sites

04.21.20 | Bob Price

These tests on 3,000 residents will provide a snapshot of the problem and should help New York transition back to normal life. Wegmans stores in Syracuse, Binghamton, Buffalo, and Rochester will be used as testing facilities.

Protests popping up from Buffalo to Harrisburg call for quarantine to end

04.20.20 | Bob Price

Protestors are pushing back against New York's Pause Act. A rally will get underway in the Queen City at noon today. "Gridlock Buffalo" organizer Russ Thompson says "you can only stop the people for so long before they get fed up." Buffalo...

On to the next phase in New York's coronavirus testing

04.20.20 | Bob Price

Today, new antibody exams are being administered. Governor Cuomo says that testing will give a more accurate picture of "what percent of the population has actually had the virus and is now immune" to it. Many New Yorkers may have contracted...

PA's Dept. of aging launches online resource guide during the outbreak

04.13.20 | Bob Price

The resource provides seniors, their families, and caregivers with info on a variety of subjects including meals, prescriptions, protective services, scams, and how to stay “active and connected.”

Matilda's Law is now the "law of the land" in New York

03.23.20 | Bob Price

Governor Cuomo says fines will be doled out to those who disobey the "stay at home" order meant to stymie coronavirus. He refused today to speculate how long the "social-distancing" measures will remain in effect. The governor predicts up to 80%...

A traveling war memorial will make its way to Niagara Falls, NY this June

03.10.20 | Bob Price

The Fallen Heroes Memorial honors the men and women who have died in the war on terror since 9/11.   The massive American flag shape, standing taller than a person, and more than four times as wide, is made out of about 7,000 dog tags...

Christian school activists will converge on NY's capital next week

03.05.20 | Bob Price

Dozens of Christian school administrators, employees and students will rally for their rights on Tuesday, March 10th. They're concerned with the erosion of parental rights and new state mandates that threaten the survivability of many Christian...

President Trump pays PA a visit today

03.05.20 | Bob Price

The commander-in-chief will arrive in Scranton sometime this afternoon to participate in a live televised town hall meeting on Fox News. The one-hour event will be at the Scranton Cultural Center starting at 6:30 p.m. Scranton is home to...

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